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Great entry! The game is quite polished for a jam game! Congratulations!!!

Any chance we could get a MacOS build? =)

Great game! Extremely polished! Congratulations and keep up the great work! :D

Massa, Gabi! Nada melhor que curtir a Páscoa do jeito que se gosta: fazendo jogos! Não pare nunca! Vamos que vamos!! :D

What a lovely game! I just stumbled upon it and I love it! It was made with Godot, right? Great use of the engine! Congratulations and keep it up!

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Could you make a macos or web version?

Nice little game you made there! There are some occasional glitches, but it's fun to play. Keep it up!

This is a curious little game. lol

What an unexpected game!!! I simply loved it! This is very original work. Keep making awesome stuff!!!

I cannot open it on MacOS. Are you sure you added the necessary files in the given download?

This special shader for the display really got me off-guard!! I love it!! The levels, graphics and everything is very impressive! Great submission. :)

What do we have to say to the robot?? I'm confused.

Hey, I really enjoyed the whole PC simulation experience!! I see a lot of potential there. You could definitely expand on this "environment" with many crazy mechanics. The game itself is quite unique. I don't know if it was just me, but I found it a bit hard!! I guess it takes a lot to be number 1 intern! Hahaha

The game is polished and original. It is a bit frustrating at first because you have to lose in order to learn, but hey, that's just how life itself works!! I like it! :)

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Yes, thanks for the reply! I wanted to balance the difficulty a little, but the jam's deadline was reached. Difficulty increases with time, but it isn't until above 3~4k points or so that it starts getting more challenging. Perhaps I will adjust this difficulty when the jam judging period is over. :)

I just want to confirm that my game was properly submitted. I think I have, but I'm confused since this is my first submission over Link:

What's FMV violence? I'm sorry, but I'm new with these acronyms. xD

So the theme is simply, "cube", then? I'll try to come up with something. xD

I redownloaded the latest version and the problem is still happening. Maybe it's something Godot-related. I took a look over the crash report and it seems to be connected to a memory allocation issue.

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The game crashes when I try to walk to the first destination. I'm on MacOS.

I think the overall feeling we get from playing the game is joy and peacefulness. Mainly because of the background music, but the snow particles and cute art also contributes to all that. You should definitely develop on that somehow. Hahaha

That's the winner if you ask me!

It has to be the folder "inside" the .app file. See, each .app file in MacOS has a "content folder" inside it. Maybe you're in the wrong directory. You have to right-click the .app file after the .zip file was extracted and select "show package contents". Then, inside this folder, open a terminal inside its Contents/MacOS folder. To confirm you're inside the right .app folder, use the command "pwd". You should get something like:


If you're somewhere else, it should not work.

No problem. I was also puzzled by this at first. I mean, it makes some sense when you think about security and all, but it's annoying nonetheless.

Hi. This is  Apple's fault, actually. I'm on the latest MacOS Catalina and it works fine here, but you have to mark the launcher inside the .app's content folder as an executable.  In latest versions of MacOS, when you download unknown binaries from the internet,  the OS marks the launcher of this application as non-executable. To make it work, after you extract the .zip file, right-click on the .app file > show package contents, then open a terminal inside its Contents/MacOS folder. Then, type "chmod +x Siren\ Head\ v1.0" . Go back to the .app file and you can now open it normally.

Hello. It works fine on my MacOS Catalina. The problem is that the latest versions of MacOS mark the launcher of unknown binaries as non-executable file. After you extract the .zip file, right-click on the .app file > show package contents, then open a terminal inside its Contents/MacOS folder. Then, type chmod +x Pixelorama . Go back to the .app file and you can now open it normally.

I'm facing this exact problem too

O jogo é interessante. Acho que uma das coisas mais difíceis é balancear tudo. Também tenho interesse em jogos procedurais e tenho certeza que esse aí tem potencial para pegar! Manda ver aí!

Though simple, this game was incredibly well done! Congratulations to the team! Great pixel art and 8-bit themed-audio!

Damn, that's a hard game!!! By the way, come back to Godot, man!! I miss your tutorials. Hahaha


That's actually a pretty good game!!!

Where is the game?