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finished it in a little under an hour and got an A+ :D! Super fun game, never seen anything quite like it.

I.... I forgot what fruit I had and got all confused and restarted the game. Twice. So yeah, this was pretty accurate.

cute little game, enjoyed using the wealth to actually do good things rather than just sitting on the money (even if it was only a game). sorry about all the angry libertarians in the comments.

awesome, it's finally finished! i always knew inside that i was the number 3! thank you!

Looks like my gender isn't finished yet - I'll check back in a couple months to see if it's done!

That was a pretty fun play. I had trouble on the last level because my mind immediately went to the Fibonacci sequence when I saw all the spirals.

I really liked this game, I'm just not sure why it popped up on my fresh releases page? It's clearly 4 years old? I enjoyed it but confused please send help

Honestly, that was the most fun I've had in a while. Please add more levels, I need more arson.

I spent like 90% of my playtime writing elaborate cursive letters about how the man in question was directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of people, many of whom I knew personally. 10/10 would play again.

This was such a lovely little gem of a game to discover!

I loved this vn. Thank you so much for it <3

Here's my world! I've gotten all the buildings and I'm working on maxing out the upgrades (population est. 3500)

Tip: setting your Misdirector to overclock with nowhere for your citizens to go is a terrible idea...

Great game! I didn't expect to like it but I ended up having a lot of fun! My time was 39:36.

I love this game so much! The art style, the music, the gameplay, and even just the silly concept of a bear trying to become king of the sea never fail to make me smile. I'd love to see more games like this!

Good job!

One constructive criticism I have is that sometimes I'm trying to set a job to max priority that didn't already have a high priority and there are a lot of the jobs so I have to click a ton to get it all the way to max priority. Maybe there could be two new buttons next to the preexisting ones that takes the job priority all the way to max and one that takes it all the way to zero?

Hey I might have said this already but this game is amazing, definitely one of my favorite games on itch. I'm currently in the process of finishing the new scenario (I'm really slow sadly) and it's amazing and the new buildings are a m a z i ng and I can't get enough of the libraries, there are libraries everywhere help

They make people smarter, which makes them better at their jobs.

YES YES YES I must p l a y


Find someone to stargaze with :)

This is really cute! I love the art, and the storyline is captivating! It's a shame it isn't finished...

This game is a m a z i n g and I loved it. I wish I had all the pieces but it's better left with questions.

This was really cute! I confess I spent way too much time looking for the leg, believing I could fix all the problems... I never did get it. But it was still okay for Dolly in the end.

Cute short little game, I enjoyed it!

This looks really good so far! I can't wait to see v 0.1.1!

...the tags. I have to check the tags.

This is a really good game! The first time I played it, I assumed that because that red bag of seed was down, it was a mere ploy and you were supposed to get as high as you could.


I got very, very high (using only the first type of branch!!!) before I accidentally reloaded the tab.

Great game, I loved it.

I started crying before I even started the game. This is really, really good.

Welp, I have a new irrational fear now. At least I know how to defeat them.

I... I just... it's... I don't know how to cope with a fourth-grader calling fellow students "sheeple". Amazing game, 10/10.

What an amazing game...