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Thanks! I've considered putting a gap between the first playthrough, where it's pretty much certain to fail more than once or twice (even in the easier spots), and the following ones, where everything feels easier and faster (which is the path that it takes for a generic videogame from the first time to mastering and speedrunning it). Glad you felt like that :)

Thank you! That's exactly the speedrun concept I wanted to show: you just play the same thing over and over, and by learning new skills you have the opportunity to complete it in a shorter time. About the screenshot, now that I think about it, it was a trivial design error (should have implemented a "press button to restart" thing, but I've probably went too far with speeding everything up)

I really like the idea of  various characters with their own abilities. It kinda reminds me the Mario's sports RPG games (which I really love!). The game itself also looks nice (the hole sink animation is really cool) and the controls feel good. Keep it up!

I can say that it's really well made! Controls feel great, animations and movements are smooth, and I'm a huge fan of the minimalist style you adopted. 

I give just a negative note to the fact that the wrap to the next level is not visible since the beginning: I would have preferred it to be already visible (while locked), so I didn't have to go to activate it by myself and see where it is (I feel it may be a little but still frustrating time consumer for some players).

Overall, it's a really good game, and I'm looking forward to see (and replay) it finished!