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looking to team up 

Sounds like a theme with creative potential,  im a unity programmer who is looking to team up

Hello guys, 

Just to be clear, an RPG game about journalism, is this all we need to do?

The music is the first thing that caught my attention, it's lovely and fits the design and the context of the game perfectly. my only note is the controls, I'm not sure if this is due my old pc but they were a bit laggy and dragging the piece was not as responsive and smooth as expected and the perspective was a bit problematic at times. 

overall, lovely idea fits the theme nicely maybe with further work it would have a nice potential. 

P.S love the transition between the levels

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the Amount of creativity in this game is beyond the roof , it's purely minimalistic it shows that you don't need much to make a game just a dot and lines and an out of the box thinking and you have a whole world of objects. 

my only Criticism however, is the fun factor and play ability of the game. I was a bit disengaged and has it not been for the video, would never seen the amazing ideas of Time, Hope and Struggle(my favourite).

overall , Amazing job man.

The game is alright, in terms of idea it's very simplistic. But there were a couple of things that I really liked 

1-even with the limited sprites , for example the character doesn't walk and bats don't flap it's wings, they  felt lively and animated because of the motion you added. 

2- I love how killing your enemies isn't just randomly and aimlessly shooting but instead requires timing and quick reaction. 

And overall good and clean programming the gameplay was smooth. My favourite move was going in middle air withing armies of bats and start killing like crazy xD 

Good job

Lovely idea, I love the balance element of the game between offence and defense proving a challenge. also a big fan of the isometric view :) 

good job 

Or let me add you what's Ur 

Sure its


Add me

hey Mike

I'm a c# programmer with experience in unity looking to join a couple of on going game jams. Let me know if Ur intrested to team up

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Hey Jacob 

I'm raed also a c# programmer and similar years of experience in unity . I'm looking to join a couple of currently on going game jams and looking to team up for fun. Let me know if it intrested

I am a unity developer with an interestingly weird idea, would love to team up with an artist for fun. 

I love how you hid a whole maze and made it only visible from the box thing, do you mind sharing how you made that?

if I was to guess it seem to me you used both position and angle of view(raycast) to make object active/disactive, just a theory, would love to be corrected.

anyways, it was really interesting, good luck :)


Very nice game, not exactly sure how it fits the theme Illusion, we are modifying gravity and using "teleports" object to reach an very interesting looking void object, all the while not to get hit by the star like objects.

I thought it was creative, what I loved the most about the game, aside from the puzzles, is the material of the dark objects that somehow made the background visible....can you guys share the way you made it?

rated :)


interesting game, I think the main issue here the actual puzzle how to make it challenging and interesting. the second level was interesting since the boxes were stacked in 3d there was depth to process as well . how do you guys plan on taking this to a next level?

have you considered tilted mirrors?

or multiple reflections?



We are so glad you enjoyed our game ;)



Thank you so much for the feedback, we are adressing the issue of "how to play the game" as we are under the assumption that the instructions were a little unclear.

Im so glad you enjoyed ;)



شكرا صديقي نور سعيدين بمرورك ؛)م



Wow 52! Your like our best player so far :) im really glad you like the game. As for 90 degree collision we are still confused weathrr to treat it as a bug and fix it by adding a slight deviation if angle is 90 or close or weather to keep it as a scoring mechanism, would love ro hear what you think


I think balancing the game should be our main priority atm, we want the game to be mean and "insane" but not to the point that it affects play-ability, the worst thing for me, as player, is to feel the game is unfair especially after accumulating high score.

as for showing the real ninja after you lose, that is a good point ,perhaps even an evil laughter sound would go really well with it.

thanks for you feedback man and good luck to you as well :)

it is very hard, but is really unfair? the real Ninja does follows the law of reflection, where the reflection angle is equal to the incidence angle with the surface normal, like this Image

given this new info, I would love if you were to give it another shot ;) my highest score so far is 31.

the game is intended to have multiple levels each with it's own speed difficulty, since there are so many beautiful level design ideas, but due to limited time we decided it's best to make an endless level with increasing speed as a linear function of score.

and I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)

Yaay another Ninja game :) ours is, I guess Ninjas are synonymous with Illusion.

its pretty interesting, I love how I completely disappear as I stop moving. I think writing an AI for this would be pretty interesting as well, do you guys have any plans on doing that?

I think it's interesting that we were mainly inspired by "the multiple shadow" technique used by great ninjas like naruto :) where as you guys seem to have gone with stealth.

good job

how do you get through the second maze? I keep getting lost and run out of time :/

this was pretty interesting game, for one, I never thought that I would use apology as a weapon:) and secondly, for the very limited impression that I had, it felt as though we're inside the mind of a depressed anxious person, the world feel like mazes and feeling lost for answers. would love to finish this .

the music was awesome, pretty engaging. I love how big and random the level is...which reminds me to ask, programatically speaking, do all these monsters exist at all time during the game or do they get re/spawned based on proximity?

pretty interesting main character :)where did the inspiration come from?

for the gameplay, I spent a lot of time being lost, until I realized that I need to listen to my inner voice for advice(the font had low contrast with the background which made it hard to notice or realize it's important).

the enemys were difficult, those flies had a pretty good aim lol :) generally I found avoiding and running away the best strategy. what made it difficult for me

1-if I'm correct, the flies detected my presence based on position only, no field of view so you can't sneak up on them, and given that my projectile path is a line I need to be face to face with these guys who are who straight shooters

2-I hated the fact that I freeze when I get hit, wouldn't you think not being effect or even being invincible for a brief moment of time once get hit to recollect is a better approach?

I love the camera's perspective on the map, could have been a bit closer to make clicking on doors easier, but still very nice.

what's a good strategy to play this game? I love that you guys have two different resources, a permanent light(bulb) and a temporary one(flashlight), its seems to me that making mistakes with a flash light would be more costly as you need to relight as you go back.

I'm curious if there is a strategy to play this game or is it trail and error ?

*Spoiler Alert* :) good catch!, I've been testing it for god knows how many hours and didn't even notice, thanks for notifying me. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

I think you nailed the theme of the game, Illusion. I remember as I was trying to come up with an idea, one concept that stood out was changing the perspective, and for me that connected with the camera(point of view) but didn't crystallize into a game concept.

the game is very enjoyable, I especially love that you get to see the girl's reflection as the bird flys up and down, and how you bring the doodles on the walls, which is like very where now a days, to life was very creative.

two things I meant to ask you

1- how did you come up with the idea, what was you mental process? did you use to play this game as a child lol?

2- programming wise: in case this is an endless level, how do you generate the enemies, such that it has an increasing difficulty, is there an alogrithm for that or random?

I just woke up and this proved to be a good brain exercise. sound would have added a whole new dimension for the game, something relaxing and interactive.

does it increase in difficulty, in this prototype? I love that you have multiple parameters to control difficulty with from the

1- size of the grid, 3*3 , 4*4

2- speed of reaction

3- wouldn't it be more engaging if the leading light wasn't only coming from the left grid but also from both? that would be awesome

good job man :)

the visuals are so artistic and beautiful, the idea of the level design is so creative, a pain in the ass to navigate through , but really beautiful. I think the shattered boxes in the background are my favorite.

it does get very crazy very fast ;) what's your highest score so far

Can you guys upload a window 86X version? this one does'n't run on mine