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I know what you are

Popped in from ghostlydarii's stream, this is such a wonderful experience!! Thank you so much for making this creepy-cute game! 

I think "reminds me a lot of puyo puyo tetris" is one of the best compliments this game could ever receive!! Thank you so much!!

I absolutely loved how the different gods had an effect on Ember's environment, it's such an interesting take on summoning rituals! So stoked to see this thing finished! 

I absolutely loved how the different gods had an effect on Ember's environment, it's such an interesting take on summoning rituals! So stoked to see this thing finished! 

THIS ROCKSSS!!! I'm such a huge fan of the aesthetic you guys have, you did a great job with the main menu parallax! The character sprites are super awesome. Rob is definitely my favorite, his performance is so charismatic and charming, but all the other VAs are just as fun! I love all the ghosts and how they're ANIMATED, really nice touch!! QvQ

Here's my constructive crit: 
The switch between the main gameplay and the rhythm game is a little abrupt. There are some writing errors here and there, and the UI doesn't seem to have an easily identifiable "quit" button— the mixing on the audio is a little confusing as well, with the characters being quite a bit more quiet than the background music (and the sound effects being FAR louder than either one)! 

All in all, this was so fun! There's so much heart put into it and I'd love to see more of this game and the world it takes place in, if you guys plan on making it! It would also be super amazing if you credited the VAs on this page as well, I'd love to check out their other work too. Once again; good job, guys!

The backgrounds and worldbuilding in this game are so fun! The intro was a great hook, and I'm so excited to see more of this abstract and beautiful universe!! 

This looks so charming, can't wait to see it receive more updates!!

So glad you had fun with it, thank you for the video!! I'll def be sending this to any friends I have who might not be able to play

This review almost brought me to tears haha, thank you so much for playing and loving this game!!

Muhuhaha.... foreshadowing >:3c

Hey there! I'm an artist and writer who recently just participated in writing for the Spooktober Jam, as well as quite a few other personal projects. Most of my experience is with long-form stories, however visual novel scripting is something I've also got experience in; character writing is my main thing, as well as my favorite thing. If you're still looking for help with your project, I'd love to exchange info and look at your script to see what's up with it! 

It's great to hear you're enjoying it so far! I do agree that a disclaimer about required specs would be nice, even during playtesting older builds as I was writing out the script I ended up being one of the only people on the dev team who couldn't run it at a high frame rate haha :'] but AAA it's awesome that you liked the intro! 

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, and that it was such an immersive experience for you!! TvT <3

Your art is so damn cute, please make more of these! I'd love to see a game in just your style!!

Beautiful game with some beautiful voice acting in it, courtesy of a certain familiar someone! >:P

Can confirm, this guy is indeed in it