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wow this is sooOoOOOOoooOOO original



i just fixed it youre welcome

sorry for your inconvenience, it was a bug. ill try to fix it!

i cant seem to play the game anymore since it only showed 3 grey circles


its rare to find good nsfw games nowdays and im glad this exists

nice game,  i got stuck at day 15 since i cant progress further but overall its a good game!

this game went from me being "ooh im really lewd and i wanna play some lewd games" to "FOR GODS SAKE WHERES THE 2ND LEAF"

jokes aside , nice game!

it works for me though, maybe your computer has problems?

im terrified, cool game



how do i shit

good game btw i like the sequel

youre very entusiastic for a program no one cant download.

there is music compability.

you must know how c++ works tho but its very simple.

the bmc (bitsy megacollab) is a mega collab that was made before mega collabing in bitsy exists.

idk the bmc maybe unoriginal but yeah

you guys remember bmc?

sorry about being rude and all in my last post , i kinda gave up on the idea of a megacollab

yet here we are with multiple mega collabs present.

bmc may / maynot be over. its your choice to pick.

which one?

w h e re am i 

i wi ll giv e you per missi on


bitsy First person

people have to make first person viewed games.

jimmy where are you


no one cares about an event where we work each other.

if you dont want to join then fucking leave and dont join it.

hello everyone! the BMC is now an possibly forever discontinued until someone told me to start one again. sorry, but the lack of updates i experience makes me think that BMC is over. im sorry.

also if theres copies of the bitsy botique , if you can , can you please send a copy to me?

thanks! , its alright if you include my work. as long as you credit the artist itself. again , thanks!

Hello and welcome to the very first MEGACOLLAB!

todays theme is space. you can think of it like:






BUT all of the themes that you make may or MUST be connected from the first one

each person can make from 1 - 2 rooms.

any user may start but once the user starts you cant start another one.

there is no deadline. the last person to join the megacollab will give it to adam le doux , and adam will post it on his page.

you may/must put your name/signature on each room.

happy collabing!

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I had an idea for bitsy


how it works is someone makes a bitsy game, then gives it to another person , then another one , then another one, until the last person publishes the game and call it [GAME NAME] BMC[year]

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dont understand dont understand dont understand dont understand dont understand



thanks jupiter hadley!

it would be better if the face was a whole face, like theres an editor for it.

but its fine if its an 8x8 sprite.

i like dominos pizza