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as a big fan of doom, this is a horrible game.

currently it is very VERY rough.

however, the game is quite fun, and the premise is interesting. overall its a decent game

the game is quite fun.

the sound effects couldve been better though, the gun sounds hollow, and not really impactfull

isnt  this just a slightly modified version of the fps demo from unity?

thanks, this game was my apology for a really stupid thing i did on a server

its uh

its certainly something

that was fun

it reminded me back when i used to enjoy making games

i really should get back to game making

great game! there are some problems, such as the fact that the engineering teacher or whatever the hell he is the weakest teacher to exist. he even died due to nothing and i have no idea why.

i also dont know if the true ending forces the player to play the entire game under level 5 due to the fact that the physics teacher snaps at level 5

overall its a good

finally someone said the elephant in the room

this isnt a bitsy game

were sad to inform you that we have discontinued this project for other works. we would soon give you a refund. thank you.

-gouldie barron (CEO of radiosoft)



wow this is sooOoOOOOoooOOO original



i just fixed it youre welcome

sorry for your inconvenience, it was a bug. ill try to fix it!

i cant seem to play the game anymore since it only showed 3 grey circles


its rare to find good nsfw games nowdays and im glad this exists

nice game,  i got stuck at day 15 since i cant progress further but overall its a good game!

this game went from me being "ooh im really lewd and i wanna play some lewd games" to "FOR GODS SAKE WHERES THE 2ND LEAF"

jokes aside , nice game!

it works for me though, maybe your computer has problems?

im terrified, cool game



how do i shit

good game btw i like the sequel

youre very entusiastic for a program no one cant download.

there is music compability.

you must know how c++ works tho but its very simple.

the bmc (bitsy megacollab) is a mega collab that was made before mega collabing in bitsy exists.

idk the bmc maybe unoriginal but yeah

you guys remember bmc?

sorry about being rude and all in my last post , i kinda gave up on the idea of a megacollab

yet here we are with multiple mega collabs present.

bmc may / maynot be over. its your choice to pick.

which one?

w h e re am i 

i wi ll giv e you per missi on


bitsy First person

people have to make first person viewed games.

jimmy where are you