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The only problem with this game is: it needs to be finished!

is the worm a rude thing I can’t write about on the internet?

Happy birthday to me😀

really cool game, the developer has added so many different ideas, I just love it 

Very well made game. Lots of fun!

fun take on sonic, I lost my eggs a few times😂

I loved this game after fixing the keys😂

Cool Game, it will work well as a mobile game!

Nice Work Mate!

Very Cool Game

it is a hard game. Thanks 

thank you it’s just supposed to be a joke and a bit of fun! 

it should say how many you missed in the top corner. But it was just a dumb game.😂

not long to go 

be here

I did enjoy the funny notes everywhere.

I got killed by the evil helicopter. It was a fun game

I clicked so hard, and no fire! This game is addictive! 

Your game looks awesome. I love the grass I couldn't get out

I got 2170! I enjoy playing!

I got 1370. Fun Game!

I killed the first boss! nice  game

IT was fast moving fun, nice job

I found the tree third time!!!! :)

I got the star on after 20 attempts. Nice Game

You did a fantastic job making this game! I couldn't get past Santa

Thank you. I feel like the game could evolve a lot. 

thanks you, I appreciate the positivity 

cool idea

no problem 

hi mate, here is a link you need a game dev role to access the channel(stops spamming)

Great first game!

thanks for the game! You Like feet!