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Well, I'm addicted, lol. What's the maximum level anyone's made it to in the game? I think mine is 25.

Thank you! That's just the place I'm always aiming, and it's so gratifying that it worked for you!

This game is an absolute delight! I love the mechanics and the scenario. It's addictive and spookily endearing.

I did start trying to roll exactly in the sweet spot of neither losing nor winning so that I could postpone earning enough notoriety that the game ended, and instead focus on accumulating as many dice as possible, lol.

Great work! I see that your high standings in the contest reflect the achievement -- those are great numbers in a huge field.

I'd really love to have one, if that's possible. I have an idea, but haven't had time to get it into its final form yet.

Thank you! That was a lot of fun.

Hey folks! Thank you so much to the organizers of this jam. I had a lot of fun, and I feel really fond of my little game.

I'm just starting out at making games, so I'm not expecting any prizes myself, but I'd love to see how this all turned out. Is there an estimated date for the list of winners to get released?

I know you're all super busy, so thanks for taking the time to make this jam at all, and to answer this message.

This was fascinating! I'm sure I learned a lot about game design... also about the tiny emotional attachments inside each task. Thanks for this stressful experience, lol.

I've edited the Joker's powers so that they're less guaranteed to create chaos. Thanks so much for your comment, and for braving the storm!

Haha, so noted. Maybe the Jokers should hang back a little. Thank you for playing!

I really like the resolution role the citizen has here, and that it's a storytelling role. 

I really like this. It sounds like it would be a delight to play of an evening with friends.

This is elegant and fascinating. The rules themselves are great reading.

Very cool core play concept!

I love this! Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy it.

Hahaha. Or I'll get my dictionary and try to follow along.

That's so generous! Thank you! Let me know if you do and I will tune in.

I like how much room there is in this game to play many times and explore the possibilities.

I love the concept behind this! It feels like a really nice balance between playing and writing.

This is a lot of fun, and the design is <chef's kiss>

I could see this being a really useful teaching tool. Thanks for creating it!

This is a beautiful, dreamlike concept.

The final result looks great! The worldbuilding is really strong.

I like how much this game does in a very small space!

Fantastic! Thank you.

Altomare community · Created a new topic Format question

Awesome concept. Is this jam open to physical games?

This is so vividly imagined! I really like it.

Thank you for these comments!

I found a new idea, LOL.

I found this a charming and fruitful game. I wrote a creepy story with it, and am thus very pleased.

Should the game contain no work at all from before the jam's start point? I keep getting excited and starting games, then realizing the jam hasn't actually begun yet.

Love this story!

Heard this played on Party of One and knew it must become part of my life from now on.

I heard this played on Party of One and needed it in my life. Excited to buy it so that someone else can have a community copy.