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That got hard to follow fast. But i found enjoyment in how busy everything was.

In my playthrough i had two planets send out a signal at the same time and it was a really nice moment. I wasnt sure how they would react, fear? joy? in the end they became friends :D

Fun game, would break Prime Directive again.

47 was my highest, couldnt get to 50 >:(

fun game though :D very satisfying

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r o l o n d o

Would really love some feedback for my game if anyone has some free time. I'll happily do the same in return :)

I made this as a mobile project and it was really simple to just port to PC. So I thought id see if it was worth persuing as a PC game. If it gets enough of a following I'll add content and features like leaderboards, new levels, etc.
If theres no interest, I've got plenty of other projects I want to do.

Nice :D