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Hi there. Are you playing with a controller by any chance? This version of the game does have a bug where some controller inputs will cause this; we recommend playing with keyboard and mouse. 

Thank you for letting us know! We launched this before Quest 2 came out but glad it mostly worked for you :) If you'd like to follow the future of the main project DOGGONE, please consider wishlisting the game on steam. <3

from the devs of Louisiana - thank you for doing this

Hi, we'll look into this for our Spring update! Thank you.

The score is as high as you would like it to go! Roughly 5 or so in rapid succession will feed the void's insatiable hunger and win the game... but don't you want to take your time and throw more things in, for good measure? ;) Thanks for playing, and we appreciate the kind words!

Hey there! Thanks so much for playing, we really appreciate it! :) Love the opening monologue and the still image!

We're glad you figured it out! Sorry again for confusion -- there's a nasty bug where it doesn't guide you like it should on days 2 and 4 which of course can be very confusing. Thanks to feedback like yours we've fixed it for the Steam release! :)

Sure, please make a video -- all we ask is including a link to the game's website ( and then maybe put up a spoiler warning before entering the last part (if it's a regular let's play video). Please let us know when it's out and we'll share it with the team!

Hi, what day are you on? Sounds like you're on Day 4. If so, grab the letter, go check out the flowers, then bring the letter into your garage -- similar tactic for Day 5. :) There's a bug in this free version of the game that will be fixed with the Steam release on Feb 10th (color should guide you towards this goal, but an issue made it not work in this version).