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This makes me so happy! It's great to know other people are having fun with my game. I still didn't have the chance to play it "for fun" because of the quarantine, but I liked your ideas and extra mechanics a lot! I may actually steal them on my own playtrough. 

Again, thank you a lot for your review. I hope you and your kids enjoyed it :) 

Thank you so much! I was very inspired the day I made this game hahaha 

Picture this: a dungeon crawler, but with Blind Luck as its main rolling, stamina AND trouble mechanic. The sum is your "roll", but also if you circle a number that has been circled before that is your "trouble roll" and if you're out of numbers to circle, you're too exhausted to keep delving. 

Oooooh. This is so nice! I think it goes specially well with games in this same jam, with some tweaks. 

"The wind is strong and it squeaks like a wounded mouse" 

Damn! This is so thematic and easy to use. I love it!