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Rachel the Seeker

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This game is ridiculous and I love it. Every run is frantic and over-the-top, but playing is easy to grasp with basic trial-and-error. Even if one sucks, (which the game over screen happily tells you without a new high score), it's addictive to keep playing. Adding the skip feature for another run was a good touch.

It's crazy how well the presentation looks, let alone how the game plays, for a jam. I'd been curious about Pixel Game Maker MV for a while, so I'm glad Crabby is such a blast in that engine.

I cannot wait to use the musical ones for my bard, you don't even know. Let alone giving the shadowy ones to a necromancer, heh.

They're so pretty... I must murder with them... OwO

But seriously, never knew these existed before I found your Itch profile! I loved your animations off RPG Maker Web's site, so I'm totally supporting you here. <3

Hey Ocean! I remember grabbing these on Sellfy, but I'm going to pick them up here when I can. I'm grateful you included the palettes used in the base pack, as I'd wanted to do some edits. Marvelous work, and I'm happy to see you've created more packs to go with the originals. <3

Shucks, I had no idea you made more for the Nostalgia Pack! I'm totally gonna pick these up at my next paycheck. :o

Made it to 59 days with a Nomad, up to 10th level. The English isn't the best in some spots, but scratched a very Fallout itch. The stock images and photos used worked well. I'd totally play a downloadable version if you ever release one; this was a ton of fun to play. 

Top-notch Lavy fun, I've gotta say! I'm not totally familiar with Homestuck but if this is as close to the comic as people say, mebbe I should check it out. The custom pause menu were good additions, I love the Seth's Marker font, the pixel art is great, and the dialogue was lovely. I was a giddy dork when I got as far as I did, though it's a shame it wasn't as long as it could be. Nevertheless I'm sending you the screenshot of a certain scene, which is now my desktop background. You'll know the one. Awesome work as always!

Hey, these look really good. I am curious if you're accepting commission work for icons in this style? Either way, will grab these as soon as I can. *_*

The combination of it being a journaling game without stats, along with using simple playing cards instead of RPG dice, are good choices if you ask me.

The lack of hard game stats means it's more versatile: good for one-shots, good for extended adventures, even good for backstories like my first playthrough. The lack of RPG dice goes hand-in-hand with that fact, and makes it more accessible with random generation. And real talk, I'd love to see more playing card decks be used for games in general. ;)

Hey hey. Rejoined the Jam if that's okay; wasn't feeling in a very good place when I left prior. Gonna stick to my original plans as I'd mentioned, a game inspired by Digimon World 3. :o

I loooooved monster-tamer media when I was younger, and the interest still lies dormant even into adulthood. I'd love to see what I can cook up for this; am pondering something similar to Digimon World 3 but with more-accessible opportunities to gain new beastly buddies.  Guess it helps that I once made a monster-tamer project in my youth... albeit ripping off my favorite video game monsters in the process. While I'm not overly experienced with making much progress in games, I still wanna give this a go when the time comes.