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Raap OnPoint

A member registered Feb 18, 2019

Recent community posts

Interesting lol.

Played your game on a Live Stream. Very unique. Keep up the great work.

This is very unique and amazing!!

This was awesome ! ! !

This was pretty cool.

This was really cool!

This was really cool!

This game was fun!! Keep up the good work.

This was super AWESOME ! ! ! 

I need more ! ! ! 

You got me at the end lol.

This was different.

Funny lol

Interesting game.

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Where can I download the demo to showcase this great looking gem to my YT audience?? 

Started off fun but then pissed me off. Cool concept tho.

This was very entertaining! 

Very interesting and unique game.

You're the best Puppet Combo!!

This was very interesting.

This was pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

Game kept glitching out on me. Cool concept tho.


I can't wait for the second shift.

Keep up the good work.

Crazy experience.

I enjoyed this a lot. Keep up the good work.

You're the best!! 

Wish there was more.

Wish it was a bit longer. Great work overall.

Very well made.

Awesome experience!! Keep up the great work.

it was coo. Keep at it.

I hope you and yours are safe and sound.

You're the best!

This was cool.

This was so awesome!!

This was fun.

Please let me know when the full release is out.

This is so cool.