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Really great game loved it!... wating for more levels :D

That was Creepy xD....i was waiting for jumpscare all the time lol...nice one

Loved this game <3........

loved the game <3 waiting for full realese :D

nice game...loved it!, waiting for next updates :D

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When i launch game from itch it says WebGL not available, and when i open in a browser it says failed loading file 'into the web.wasm'. ;-;

I guess  some error in java script file

still same error ;-; , i guess my system is low-end. well its true IT IS LOW-END.

well 2$ maybe nothing for you, but here in india it cost much... i'm not fkin rich like you.

Thank You, i'll be waiting

It says your video card doesn't support any of opengl versions ;-; 

PC spec :

Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz


Intel 82945G integrated graphics

And yes my video drivers are up-to date. ;-;

I saw this game on YouTube it looks really amazing, Can i get this game for free? ;-;

Intel integrated 82945G , and yes video drivers are up-to date.

it says your video card doesn't support any of opengl versions ,but i know i can play this ,it'll work if it start. ;-; please help developers.

OMG!   You replied  oWO

Cool ,it was fun playing....

How to play this????

can't download , it says no compatible versions..HELP ;-;

just pink screen nothing happens

Found some quality game....nice work , it was good experience lookin forward to other games from you guy

The game is just awesome.....i loved it. i really appriciate work on this game also great point is its free. thanks again

system requirements? i don't think it will run on my system


Pentium 4 3.00ghz

Intel 82945G graphics GMA 930


Win 7 Ultimate