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I think so but it wont get many ratings/plays

How did you do so good thing? Wow!

Thanks a lot!

it might be just in the game... thanks

Good but boring game and there are some bugs, sometimes the cubes just fly out of the screen.

It doesn't really work in the web. And I think it has some bugs, when you continously press D you go up or something :D.

Quite good game.

Good and short game, good job.

Very good game and fun to play.

Very good game!

Good and weird.

Looks good.

Very good game but it I couldn't move at all at some point, maybe I did something wrong but I just wasn't able to move.

Quite good game.

Okay, thanks.

Hmm, thanks still...

Is it even allowed to do this cool games? Really nothing to say. My whole family started playing this :D.

Didn't work for me.

It didn't work properly for me.

Very good game and I see you put a lot of effort in this.

Okay lol.

Wow! What a great game. Full points!

(1 edit)

The game doesn't work. just gives this error "⚠️ Can't figure out why this isn't compiling. Sorry :(".


idk if the message is from itch or from you.

It looks good but I don't know if it worked properly for me. I might have been able to go trough the walls if there even were any.

Thanks a lot.


The car isn't supposed to respawn. You can reload the scene by pressing R.


Thank you very much!

No the darkness is meant to be as you cant see without a head, after some time it grows back.

Yeah, that one.

But thanks!

There isn't any levels because the task 1 was to create a playable character with a unique ability.



Very very cool and smooth game. It's also well finished.

I can move around and jump but how do I use the unique ability? Cool game tho.

Very cool and satisfying to play. The sound effect sometimes are buggy.

Very very very cool but also buggy.