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Thanks I'm a big fan of Myazaki.

Ok... how to say this...? Oh yeah! IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!! I'm working on my RPG on XP and it's giving me headaches... but yours is really great! If that's the demo I really want to see the work done! Looking ahead to playing the full version. Keep it up 'cause it's really good and promising. Btw, if you want to give a look at my demo and give me some advices here it is Thank you and again, good work!

Ok so that's number 2. Hope you enjoy it. It's a simple shoot'em up and you can see how survive the longest among your friends. There are a kill and deaths counter and a small timer in seconds to have an idea of your score. Enjoy!!! 

Well done guys! Keep it up!

Here you go!

Ok thanks a lot!

Hi guys just a question. I downloaded the game and the .dll but it just doesn't do anything when I open it. Please some help : )

Oups sorry for anyone how already downloaded my game, it was a wrong version but now it's fixed!

Thanks! Sure I'll give yours a try!

Hi guys thank you for your interest in my game. If you happen to download my game please comment and give maximum feedback!

Welcome to Nintendo Quest! Begin a legendary journey through the Nintendo universe, incarnate your favourite heroes from the Nintendo series and create an unbeatable party to fight the forces of evil! Download the Demo now!