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I only just saw this message, but sadly the invite is invalid at this point!! 

send another? ;)

the animation is so squishy <3

this was really fun and atmospheric!!

hey, i did a quick little video abt this game! I really like it ^-^ 

I did a little video on Realms of Requiem! check it out:

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hey! I thought this was a really cute ambient game, and i made a video about it: 

hey i thought this game was really cute and i did a video on it ^.^

hey, i did a video about your game!

i made a video about your game <3

hey, i did a video on your game! i got two of the endings... i think!! 

hey, i thought this game was really rad so i did a video on it!! <3 

Haven't posted screenshots in a while, so here, have a few from the past day or so!

Now I mostly need to work on enemy types, bosses, and weapons.

And this whole time I'd just been trying to work around using image_angle! Thanks for this!

Been working on a sort of streamlined twin stick shooter rogue-lite.