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Yeah just message me on discord! Its on the bottom of the post, lmk what your project is about bud and I'll see if i can help ^^

Still open btw <3

Before anything else: I only do SFW, any sort of NSFW or close to NSFW offer is strictly not allowed.

Hello hello!
If you're looking for a 2d artist, sprites, backgrounds and such, I'd love to help out :D
I'm more interested in visual novel type of projects but anything is fine too!
I can work for free or paid since I'm looking for experience more than anything.
HUGE DISCLAIMER: I have not worked on a game nor cooperated in such projects so my apologies if you're looking for someone more experienced in that field.

What I can do
I'm a digital 2d artist who mostly work on anime styles.
Chibi || Anime
I'm comfortable with both male and female (and everyone in between).
LGBTQ+ friendly!
My style consists of cute, soft colors, I am not experienced in gore/horror genres. It's easy to look at and it doesn't have much complicated features.
I mostly paint sky and buildings when it comes to my backgrounds but I'm open to new things!
My usual px image size is around 3000px by 3000px.

What I can't do
Kinky/Erotic Illustrations


Contact me if you're interested by:
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Messaging me on:
Discord - qyurnic#5429
Instagram - @qyurn
Email -
I currently cannot log into my twitter account so apologies ;;

Hey hey! Sent a friend request on discord. If you're still looking for an artist msg me there ^-^

there is a fandom ;))
join the server!! Would love to simp about nakedtoaster with thee B)