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Ah thank you! Please don't burden yourself with that if I'm the only one requesting it though haha, I completely understand and love the idea of the turning mechanics; it reminds me of the original XCOM games a little bit! It was just the changing directional inputs throwing me off is all. 

Thanks for the quick response! :)

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WASD with turning feels very slow in comparison to numpad movement, it also makes things a little more finicky for me. Clicking D then going down is strange and throws me off a lot. I'm fine with the coned LOS system, but are there plans for a more consistant movement control scheme? So like, the right arrow goes right and not towards the characters LOS' right? It's likely just me being picky but every now and again I mix it up lol.

Thank you, this is a fantastic demo to what I can only imagine will be a wonderful game nonetheless! :)