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Just seems to be gender neutral pronouns like they/them/theirs or ey/em/eirs, ze/zem/zirs etc. Not seen this type before and guessing they could be inworld ones only but it's easy enough to get used to.

Download error for me, I can't extract it.

Broken download.

When the screen goes black and Virion says 'it looks good on you' when he's saying goodbye in the Khell battle... erm, what is he talking about? What did he put on you and was it supposed to be just black or a CG??

I tried this and it downloaded (yay) as an unopenable win.rar file (boo).

I'm glad I didn't pay for it because it looks like the dev isn't responding to any of these comments and it can't be fixed :/

So I tried opening it in Firefox as other commenters suggested a few months back, but... it saved as Win.rar, and it's not a file that can be opened, apparently. It's not a zipped file or anything, not sure what it is. I have no way of accessing it. 

I'm glad I didn't spend money on this because it'd be really upsetting to not get a response or the game access. I'm glad the web version works but I just wish we could download it :/

Btw I tricked clicking the 'alternate download' option, still just blinks a new page then closes, never downloads. Season 2 works but I would rather play both offline than play one in browser if possible.
I hope someone can help!

I can't open the download it just tries to open a new page then closes (I think it's attempting to retrieve the file then stops).
Is there another way to get the download?

That pic of the screaming cat always gets me in fits of laughter. 

Just finished the orange route and can't wait for more. Just gonna say, that was a nasty trick putting the 'extra's bunny behind a bubble. 
I was freshly traumatised from screaming balloons, I didn't want to hover over a bubble and possibly click one. lolol

Ohh yeah I'll check that out too, thank you :D

Lol that's funny about the person streaming it. I bet the chat were screaming at them.

Lol I have memory issues so I question my memory a lot, maybe that's why I tried out the second run then saved and eyed my computer suspiciously. XD 

Yes, curse of the potato hostage. I predict the ending is him taking off a blindfold and showing you a mirror and you're just a blushing potato. I'm right, aren't I?

Yeah sometimes I see indie devs be like 'I don't have that computer so I can't figure out how to make it run on one'. And it often makes me wonder how much of the commercial expectations we're putting on indie devs. Like a big company absolutely should have it run on multiple platforms, and have the people to iron out as many bugs as possible. My ex used to work for a company where is job was just to play a section of a game over, and over, and over until he could identify or fix a bug lol 

It's sometimes hard to know which of those expectations are possible for indie devs and which are asking them to do 50 well paid jobs for free. lol 

Yeah I always try to make my feedback be balanced with suggestions, because if I'm just like 'I hate this thing' it's like .. ok, feeling noted. All I've shared is a feeling, not any.. er, real problem? I like writing accessibility reviews on steam, so in terms of story critique, I sometimes critique poorly handled subjects they don't know enough (like when someone uses a mental illness as drama and gets it wrong and adds to stigma) or when there's a plot hole that's not just funny but genuinely confusing. Sometimes that works out for the best, as it becomes a space for fan theories or it's revealed they're aiming to do sequels on those things. But if the story isn't for me, I just say that in the review and try to make sure it's clear what you could expect if it is for you. Rather than berate the dev.

Obviously, I'm not really using itchio comments the same way (unless I actually finished the game) but it's nice to get real convos going with the devs and it does help change how I might critique stuff. I also sometimes speak to a techy friend who can offer some insight as well. I think it's important because otherwise it's more like shouting into the void, but pointing at someone in particular. Not very helpful. lmao

I love the art work on Apartment no 9, that's what drew me in initially, it's unique. Likewise the story seems unique, so I'll definitely get it. I can't decide which version to play because I like the male designs for all of them (but the partner, who I prefer female). lmao I'm so shallow when it comes to characters! But I'm looking forward to playing Bitter/Sweet when the next route is out too!

Thanks, I hope your day is going fantastic too :D

Omg yes I love the vibe of this game so much. Such heavy 90's vibes in the anime and music, even the colouring. I love it so much :3 They did really well pulling in all the assets they used to make something so fluid. 

 I thought Animal Crossing just had weird noises rather than language sounding words, but I've never played it. But yeah I never gave much thought to whether it had a name or set of criteria to define it really haha

Outside of that, I love the guys voice and the music. His art is very cute too, love my baddies with long hair, nom nom.
I also like emotionally complicated relationships like they seem to have so looking forward to playing more.

Is this game supposed to send me back to the menu when I get to the end of a conversation? I wasn't sure what happened so I went to Extras and it had another conversation. But then after that going to extras went through the original conversation so I exited after saving.
I can see someone mentioned multiple endings here but it wasn't clear what happened when I got sent to the menu; is that part of the game?

For reference, I downloaded the Directors cut for Windows. It's labelled Potato version or something in the files, which is funny because my computer took like 10 minutes to extract the game even though I have super fast internet (apparently). Certainly felt like a potato in the moment. XD

Wow yeah that's a lot of work. As a non developer, I don't know how hard most of these things are, or at least time consuming, or how many annoying bugs can pop up when you fix one thing. So that's fair.

Yeah sounds like you're doing a lot and it's amazing as a 1 person team. :) haha your brother sounds like my ex, they get reallyyyy into things and binge every available crumb possible for as long as possible. Waiting years for one episode of a series or chapter of a game. Lol It's honestly impressive. I just forget for ages then come back like 'Oh this seems like something I would like. Oh, I did like it, 3 times already apparently. Nice taste, past me!' lol

Yeah if I'm interested in a dev, the first thing I do is look at their profile at anything else they do, I'm sure I'm not alone in that. :D On that note, I've been wanting to play Apartment no 9and bitter sweet for a while! lol

Best of luck with your projects. I wonder if starting multiple games is similar to fabric crafters starting multiple projects and half finishing them. It seems like a general 'creative person' problem, that we have too many ideas and create too many projects for a lifetime. Just kinda funny.

I'll keep checking on progress on your games anyway, I appreciate your in-depth replies, I'm sure feedback can be really nerve wracking and I always appreciate when someone is really open and welcoming of feedback especially as I don't always know if it's going to hit someone on a bad day!

Ahh thanks so much, I dunno how long this took you but I appreciate it! I think I ended up on that site but got overwhelmed with it lmao.

I've been able to download it now so at least I can hear it when I want without our overlord Youtube.

I appreciate them crediting regardless of whether it was needed or not. Sadly too many people skip that step and it does mean we can enjoy them more if we can find them. I just wish it was a bit easier to access because I love that song so much. It gives me great nostalgia vibes but of the most happy parts of my childhood OuO

Apparently the song is in Hanamogera language (semantic-free gibberish), that's kinda cool.  Not sure I'm understanding the concept properly though lol

Yeah that does make sense, and people knowing the potenital range of the full game is good.

I think being able to differentiate the active and inactive options in the demo might be good. I dunno if it's doable but maybe the text or background colour could be slightly different (while still maintaining a good contrast).

I understand you're balancing a lot of things in doing this though.

RE demo's in general, I have really bad memory so I don't mind playing a demo to get excited because in a few months all I'll know is 'I really want to play this' but not any of what the demo had haha. It works well for replay value and makes it less cumbersome to have just a demo in the meantime.  

But some games end up being abandoned and it's sad when both the fans and author get blueballed by whatever situation makes it impossible to finish the game lol

If you are able to make tweaks like I mentioned, I'll try the demo out again, but if not, I'll wait until it's fully ready. So best of luck with the project.

There's not many women to romance though, just 2 older ladies. I like them and wouldn't mind their story but I wouldn't romance them.

Oh really? I thought I had a good ending already because I had a long-term relationship travelling with Will, but there was no CG.

Yeah but backers pay extra so it's not really free. Sometimes you're paying more than the full games cost so you'd not really be making a deal out of it as a backer.

I'd just rather it not show choices I can't pick because it's not a choice in that situation. Even in a demo.

Like an alternative would be to have the non-active choices be a different colour so I know in the demo 'this would be an option and we're leaving it visible but not much point clicking it'. As it is right now I just got through lots and lots of 'this isn't available, this isn't, this isn't' and it killed my drive to continue the demo because I felt like it was unclear what would be possible to engage with.
For me, I engage in the game by trying to see how I'd feel in that situation and picking what matches my feelings most, if the options are limited in this way, I stop being able to be in my feelings and connecting with the character, because I'm constantly going 'Wait what?'.

So I will only be able to play this when either it's finished or the demo has the non-active options more clearly labelled before I click them. Otherwise it feels like it's saying 'NO! No choices. Only unspecified choice!' [insert that lil dog meme lol].

I'm sure they will have great choices when it's done and I don't doubt there's choices throughout but as it stands right now, as far as I got, it gave the impression you will only have one path and it won't let you know until you pick a choice that you picked the 'wrong' one, and then response as thought you picked another one. It's just stressful for me personally lol

Not really a bug, but as a person with several intersex friends, I'd change the language in your description to 'intersex characters' rather than 'hermaphroditic characters'. This is more humanising, and requested by the intersex community :)

Hope that helps.

OH one more thing, I think I've seen some things where comics artists will have backers added in background scenes. Not sure if there's a chance backers could add lines of dialogue or something cheesy that doesn't change things too much but otherwise not really sure what could be done as a 'reward'.

Also to say, I don't think it means devs 'don't need your money', but like, if you think this is unfair (like me) perhaps suggesting alternative rewards might help them have more options that'd make everyone happy in the future?
I have no ideas so I've not suggested any, but if we grumble without giving suggestions, what are they supposed to do?
Offer no rewards to backers who are the ones that make sure the game is actually MADE in the first place? They need that funding in the first place to make their dream projects a reality, we can't spite that.

I dunno, just seems a tough situation.

Yeah I'm not sure what ways you can reward backers in a fair way tbh.
I backed Dead Dating and one reward was that we got 18+ content but no one else will get it, just like this game.
Even though I got the 18+ content I still feel uncomfortable with that set up and wish everyone could get it.
I get that was my 'reward' as a sponsor/backer and I'm not sure what other reward would be better but I think it feels like backers who had money or knew about it early enough get the full game and others don't, even if it's not 'storyline' stuff.

I wouldn't make use of desktop background images and outside of physical rewards (which many devs can't afford to make), I'm not sure what they CAN offer us as a reward...

On this info page, you have Pronouns, which is great, but it's misspelt as 'pronounce' (which is how you would sound a word out, like pronouncing my name correctly). Just thought you'd want to know if it's not already been spotted!

Just adding I'd play this game if the gender was something the player could pick.

Ah good to know. I've had a lot of computer issues and changes over the last 2 yrs so probably got lost in one of the changes but I can start again as I have a good external hard drive now :)

Wow what a great thing to volunteer, I hope your name will be on credits and stuff, that's so much work, but I bet it'll be rewarding. :D <3

Bless folks like you who help spread these great works further :)

Yeah I took a long break. Ironically, I have AWFUL memory like the main character, so sometimes it's good to take a break and come back tot things fresh again. I'm not sure why my saved files are gone yet and will wait for your reply to my other comment but I just wanted to say that the new design options for the main character are SO good! :D 
My boy is a real hottie now hehe

Hi, thanks, yes I am. I do have a sponsor key still from before in my emails. I just wasn't sure if I have to do anything special or not. 

I uploaded the game on the app so that's automatically up to date now and it has 18+ content, but it doesn't have any of my prior saves,. Would emailing you and binding the account fix that or does it already sound like the correct version? 

I just saw a post below about how we have to do this through itchio. Just one more question though, if we got special access for NSFW will adding the newer demos make us lose that? I'm worried about losing my save files and I'm not really sure how it works. Or if I'll just get basic access that I didn't pay into before.

Ah this must be my issue too. I stopped using itchio launcher as it keeps saying I need to buy games I've already paid for and it felt weird.
But will be able to for this game.

Will our saves still work?
I tried to download a newer version a while back and now when I try to open the game I just get this

Are they really impactful? The first thing the demo told me was that the choices would impact the chapter then said 'This isn't available in the demo'. Then the first choice you get in the game, isn't a choice, it told me that my choice wasn't available in the demo and forced the other one instead.

I had to close the game as it seemed to be directly telling me more than once that the demo wasn't going to be choice based and would keep showing me things I can't do anything with. :/

Maybe I'll have more patience with it another day but I'd just rather it not tell me all the things I might be able to pick in a year or two but can't now (only after I try to pick them).

You should be able to extract without an unzipper program.

Demo review: This looks interesting and I'll come back when it is fully released.

However, I can't really get into the demo. It's constantly telling me about features then saying 'This isn't available in the demo.' including that my actions won't influence the chapter in the demo. Then the first choice I made it said 'This isn't available in the demo'.
I feel like it'd be better to just not show all those parts at this point because it makes it look like I'm not going to get ANYTHING in the demo.
I decided to close it at that point because it seems like the demo is just telling me I can't pick choices, my choices wouldn't impact the ending, and it'll spend 5 minutes letting me know all the things I can't do.

The intro was also super long and the transition scene while you're trying to close the game is really slow, so I force closed the game.
I'm sure these will be changed in the real game and I'd have more energy for the slowness if I felt like things would happen for my patience but as it stands it's confusing and not building my appetite.

The Unwilling Pet ending doesn't make a lot of sense but it's funny as hell.
Loved this short game, very cute character.