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Looks promising!

Yay it's back!!

Oh! That works, thank you! :D Yes shaman dance indeed, or witch dance perhaps. Just need to add a whole human into the mix and we got ourselves a tasty potion. XD

Hey, I use windows 10, and I can't extract the game as I get a 'file name/path too long' error. 
I can't change the file names (maybe because they're not extracted yet).
Any ideas on what I should do?

Oh no what a nightmare! Bless you, I hope you can sort it soon! 

Can't wait for more content. Please let us have a list of the songs, or if possible, a downloadable version for them. I'd gladly buy but I understand sometimes the rights aren't solely with the devs, in which case just a list of the songs so we could find them would be great.
Love your work, it's beautiful and fun, and am looking forward to more!

Oh dear, the 'dangerous people eating' group being the black stand in is... unfortunate. I was really excited to play this after waiting a few yrs for more progress to be made but I'm going to have to consider the mental strain of the possibly poorly handled isms within the game.
Hopefully some will be redeemed over time, but any time a dangerous or predatory fantasy race is linked with slavery, even if it's attempting to be sympathetic, it really speaks to the number real internalised racism has done to most people.

I don't think I got a reply to this, but if there have been updates in any of the bugs above, I'd love to know, as I enjoyed the game and wanted to continue.
But due to certain disabilities, I am already limited in what games I can play and find bugs stressful as I'm not tech-savvy enough to understand what is happening most of the time!
I'd love to know if it's more accessible to navigate now.

He said before that the full version was a way of thanking the supporters, and thus he couldn't give it to people after.
I missed the first campaign and a lot of us have been asking this question a lot. So he made 2 more campaigns before the big release.
He still maintains it's an exclusive reward for those who supported the production.
I appreciate the reward honestly but... I think I'd still prefer for people to be able to upgrade the game for NSFW content. It's included as a DLC which is what I had suggested before (didn't realise it would actually be that), in which case I don't see why people can't have the option to buy into the DLC at a later date.
I remember Ryu explaining he couldn't produce the game in full because the sexual content would get the game pulled from production in some countries, and I'm wondering if that's the main reason he had to make it a DLC. But I still don't get why it's exclusive.
I'd prefer another backers gift, like a booklet of the art or something tbh.
But he's made some changes for fans before, so maybe he'll be flexible in this once the game is finished?

Yeah I figured it out later in the day, thanks! When I tried to at first it was coloured in which made me think it was already activated! haha
It's a shame you can't copy paste the code in, especially when the game won't let you window it, so it's hard to go back and forth for the code entering!

Not really a bug but a typo in the English translation. When i'm in the toilet meeting Rex for the first time I will say 'In my point of you' when talking about my bad memory. I think it's meant to say 'I'm my point of view', meaning that this is my way of viewing the situation. It sounds like an easy typo to make as they sound the same when speaking.
Hope that helps.

Wait, I thought we DO get the full game as we engaged in the campaign. Surely we'll get the other DLC for free when they've been developed. It says they're in development but doesn't show a cost for me.
I'm sure we should get it for free.
If Ryu could confirm that'd be great.

Is this the very first scene? I tried it in my full version game and all I had to do was touch the biggest weight and the scene ended. There wasn't any NSFW segments to it unlike the demo.
Am I missing some content?

Took me about 10 hours to play through, but I play slowly.

It would be cool if there were future campaigns or a DLC for the NSFW stuff, but it sounds complex.

Yeah I think it's confusing for some of us as there's games with sexual content we've gotten access to before BUT they usually aren't international and across so many platforms.
I can't even imagine how many hoops you'd have to jump through, and how many rules you'd have to work between to do such a large project.
I appreciate you extending the campaign dates for us regardless.
Is it possible to eventually make the NSFW stuff Download Content in the future? (Sorry if I'm asking stuff we've already asked before, I have bad memory lol)

There are time-limited events where you can get access to buying the adult version, I think there will be one more before the full release in December??

I wish it was available without a time limit, but it's the creators way of thanking those who've supported the developmental stages with extra content, basically.
I hope you can get access to the full version.

Ah I see, well non-traditional romance is always interesting :3
Looking forward to trying it out!

Are there love interests when the game has no dating in it?

Aww this was really well done and quite cute!
The voices are just how I imagine Sal and Battam sounding too!

What's the plans for ep 4? :)

Agreed, it's so great, I keep pausing the game to enjoy the songs! :D

Posting just to provide support, I hope the devs get back to you soon.

I find his voice really funny because I can't figure out what kinda accent they were going for. The voice actor does capture the kinda obnoxious vibe I get from the words the MC uses though, so def a good choice.
But I don't know if the voice actors are English but the accents used are veryyyy confusing and funny.

I'm on a Windows, I don't know which one I downloaded though. @_@ I have this right now, does it look correct or do I still need to move stuff?

Oh wonderful, it's hard for me to navigate ithio which is probably why I've not seen the more recent ones.
I wish it let you save events!
I found this ace jam due to a game on my wishlist which happens to be an entry.
I'm looking forward to next years one! :D

Ace Jam 2019 community · Created a new topic New Ace Jam?

Would you be willing to make a new Ace Jam?

It'd be cool to try streaming some for an event, and I would love to see more games like this.

Ok, thanks for the swift reply.

I can't get the patch to work in steam, as there is no Read Me file, and the contents are different.
I can't move parts of it without breaking the file somehow. 
Pls send help

Will you get a steam copy with this one?

I get this crash sometimes on the steam version for certain words, not sure what the issues are but I was playing it last month on steam.

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Played this game on steam and I love it.

Detailed review below; 5/5 Stars

Overview: This game is great. It's financially accessible, disabled accessible, PG-13, Boy Love Visual Novel with a handy glossary.

Trigger warnings:

  • Vague mention of child abuse and domestic violence, not detailed,
  • Alcohol use and drunk depictions (of course),

There are two love interests but the ending is the same, which makes it a short and sweet game, which I enjoyed while suffering from acute illness.
I mean, I had fever before playing, but I'm pretty sure some of the cuteness of the detective and smoothness of the mobster was also contributing to that. fans self Goodness.

I'm a Baccano lover, and it's made me interested in prohibition era stuff. One of the great things about this game is it has special slang and time relevant words highlighted for you to access in the glossary, to gain a better understanding. 

As an autistic person this is fantastic, as I often find figures of speech make 0 sense to me, even if I know roughly in what situations they tend to be used in. Learning some 1920's slang helped me make connections to their modern equivalent slang, and that was pretty awesome. And it'll come in handy when reading the Baccano books I got~

The love interests are incredibly charismatic, I really liked both of them and was satisfied with their routes and the ending! I wish there was more though!

This game is fantastic and I'm especially appreciative of the fact it's free.


  • Gay representation
  • Not heavily sexual
  • Wholesome mobster
  • Glossary of relevant words and context points
  • 2 routes but joint ending is novel and satisfying


  • It seems to have a script error code sometimes coming up when I click on some glossary words, which can force the game to quit without saving. However all glossary words can be found from the menu, and all seem to work eventually,
  • No diversity, all characters are white and thin.


  • Sound is great. Nice smooth jazz mostly which isn't overpowering,
  • There is no voice acting, so no need for close captions for sounds/words,
  • Visuals are crisp and clear with a soft palette. Anime style character design = handsome men,
  • No flashing lights or shaking images,
  • Free/financially accessible.


  • Provide trigger warnings,
  • Increase diversity in future games, whether by adding brown people, bigger people, trans people or disabled people. Preferably not just one either.
  • Moar please.

You're not stupid for having a moment of confusion.