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It would be cool if there were future campaigns or a DLC for the NSFW stuff, but it sounds complex.

Yeah I think it's confusing for some of us as there's games with sexual content we've gotten access to before BUT they usually aren't international and across so many platforms.
I can't even imagine how many hoops you'd have to jump through, and how many rules you'd have to work between to do such a large project.
I appreciate you extending the campaign dates for us regardless.
Is it possible to eventually make the NSFW stuff Download Content in the future? (Sorry if I'm asking stuff we've already asked before, I have bad memory lol)

There are time-limited events where you can get access to buying the adult version, I think there will be one more before the full release in December??

I wish it was available without a time limit, but it's the creators way of thanking those who've supported the developmental stages with extra content, basically.
I hope you can get access to the full version.

Ah I see, well non-traditional romance is always interesting :3
Looking forward to trying it out!

Thank you so much!!! Excited to be able to have ordered my adult version! I'm thankful for the option after having missed it the first time around <3
Not sure how many people you have around the world but I'm from dreary (actually currently sunny) old England. :D
Yay for worldwide sadistic queers eh? :P

I don't have that either.
I feel like a massive boomer right now.
Do you have a discord for this game? That's the only social media type thing I use haha

Are there love interests when the game has no dating in it?

Aww this was really well done and quite cute!
The voices are just how I imagine Sal and Battam sounding too!

I don't have twitter :(

Where do we get notification of campaigns and will that be for the full game (as in adult content included) or not? Because I'm on the demo right now, but I don't want to get invested if I can't get access to the full game in the end anyway.

Will we miss the adult content version because we missed the subscription deadline?
I'm confused by the information I have seen on your patreon page and such.

What's the plans for ep 4? :)

Agreed, it's so great, I keep pausing the game to enjoy the songs! :D

Posting just to provide support, I hope the devs get back to you soon.

I find his voice really funny because I can't figure out what kinda accent they were going for. The voice actor does capture the kinda obnoxious vibe I get from the words the MC uses though, so def a good choice.
But I don't know if the voice actors are English but the accents used are veryyyy confusing and funny.

I'm on a Windows, I don't know which one I downloaded though. @_@ I have this right now, does it look correct or do I still need to move stuff?

Oh wonderful, it's hard for me to navigate ithio which is probably why I've not seen the more recent ones.
I wish it let you save events!
I found this ace jam due to a game on my wishlist which happens to be an entry.
I'm looking forward to next years one! :D

Ace Jam 2019 community · Created a new topic New Ace Jam?

Would you be willing to make a new Ace Jam?

It'd be cool to try streaming some for an event, and I would love to see more games like this.

Ok, thanks for the swift reply.

I can't get the patch to work in steam, as there is no Read Me file, and the contents are different.
I can't move parts of it without breaking the file somehow. 
Pls send help

Will you get a steam copy with this one?

I get this crash sometimes on the steam version for certain words, not sure what the issues are but I was playing it last month on steam.

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Played this game on steam and I love it.

Detailed review below; 5/5 Stars

Overview: This game is great. It's financially accessible, disabled accessible, PG-13, Boy Love Visual Novel with a handy glossary.

Trigger warnings:

  • Vague mention of child abuse and domestic violence, not detailed,
  • Alcohol use and drunk depictions (of course),

There are two love interests but the ending is the same, which makes it a short and sweet game, which I enjoyed while suffering from acute illness.
I mean, I had fever before playing, but I'm pretty sure some of the cuteness of the detective and smoothness of the mobster was also contributing to that. fans self Goodness.

I'm a Baccano lover, and it's made me interested in prohibition era stuff. One of the great things about this game is it has special slang and time relevant words highlighted for you to access in the glossary, to gain a better understanding. 

As an autistic person this is fantastic, as I often find figures of speech make 0 sense to me, even if I know roughly in what situations they tend to be used in. Learning some 1920's slang helped me make connections to their modern equivalent slang, and that was pretty awesome. And it'll come in handy when reading the Baccano books I got~

The love interests are incredibly charismatic, I really liked both of them and was satisfied with their routes and the ending! I wish there was more though!

This game is fantastic and I'm especially appreciative of the fact it's free.


  • Gay representation
  • Not heavily sexual
  • Wholesome mobster
  • Glossary of relevant words and context points
  • 2 routes but joint ending is novel and satisfying


  • It seems to have a script error code sometimes coming up when I click on some glossary words, which can force the game to quit without saving. However all glossary words can be found from the menu, and all seem to work eventually,
  • No diversity, all characters are white and thin.


  • Sound is great. Nice smooth jazz mostly which isn't overpowering,
  • There is no voice acting, so no need for close captions for sounds/words,
  • Visuals are crisp and clear with a soft palette. Anime style character design = handsome men,
  • No flashing lights or shaking images,
  • Free/financially accessible.


  • Provide trigger warnings,
  • Increase diversity in future games, whether by adding brown people, bigger people, trans people or disabled people. Preferably not just one either.
  • Moar please.

You're not stupid for having a moment of confusion.

The 18+ content is honestly pretty cute, and this is coming from an asexual queer. 
Nicely and tastefully done imo.
I'm looking forward to trying other games to see how they've grown over the yrs.

Indeed, a trigger warning for the bad routes would be a good addition to the game description.
I can see the inspiration from Nitro+CHiRAL in the bad endings, as those games often have a lot of non-consensual stuff in the bad endings (and sometimes in the good ones for some reason). 

I'm not sure I understand this.
But there's an option for a steam download when you open the saves?

The information above says you can get the steam key when you buy it on itchio. You should get this page here:
Steam option is at the bottom.

You don't need a route to unlock 18 plus, you just download the 18+ game. There's multiple options, for PG Itchio game, PG steam game, 18+ itchio game, and 18+ steam game.
You need to check you downloaded the one you actually want first.
All routes have potential 18+ content, provided you downloaded the right one for that.

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Great game. Thanks so much for detailing how to access both regardless of which platform we buy them from. Now I've finished all routes I can definitely say this is one of my favourite BL VNs.

I always play my least favourite character first to get them out of the way, but they happened to be so cute, I was as surprised as the MC was to actually grow to really like his angry lil self haha

I also found the bodyguard endearing from the beginning and loved the blind mage. Both are very pretty and amusing.

Below I will review the pros, cons, bugs, accessibility features, and suggestions for improvement.


  • Gay,
  • Disabled character,
  • Voice acting,
  • Interesting characters and really beautiful scenes,
  • Complete gallery
  • Plenty of save file spaces, and you can save at any point,
  • 18+ and PG options without story content lost,
  • Steam and itchio included when buying on both platforms,
  • Detailed instructions on how to get copies on both platforms from each purchase,
  • Long demo available,


  • No log option to read anything you've passed, which is sometimes needed,
  • No characters of colour; the only potentially non-white character was a demon,
  • No Steam achievements,


  • Auto speed doesn't account for the voice acting so sometimes cut out the words spoken, (lack of a log made this worse),
  • Fighting scenes sometimes had bright white flashes and backgrounds during text display. The flashes do not require an epilepsy warning thankfully, however the brightness can trigger neurological conditions in people with light sensitivity like myself, especially the prolonged backgrounds,
  • Sometimes the sound would skip/loop 6-10x during transitions; this usually happened when going from basic descriptions to someone speaking. While usually it loops music, on one occasion, a certain erm moaning noise, was looped, which was pretty funny tbh.


  • Emotive partial voice acting,
  • Skip buttons; Slower skip for skimming text, & Quick skip for jumping to the next action option,
  • Adjustable text speed and for the auto speed,
  • Sound adjustments available separately for music, Special Effects & voice acting,
  • Text is clear with a simple font and good contrast,


  • Option to remove bright flashing; consider a faded or pastel background for prolonged backgrounds so reading is easier,
  • Provide trigger warnings for; non-consensual sex, slavery, child abuse,
  • Use (or have an option for) dyslexia friendly font,
  • Address bugs for transition looping and auto cutting out speech,
  • In future work I would suggest a more diverse background would enhance your work. Whether it's different body types, trans men, or POC. Including a disabled character was a great start.

    I would recommend this game! Thank you for this work and I hope my suggestions help.

I'm having a hard time seeing anything as the screen is super tiny. Is this game for phones only or something?

So this is about having sex with a kid you adopted, who has been through abuse?
That's disgusting.

Have you made this game to be accessible for those with visual impairment?
I like games about disability or impairments, especially when they're accessible to said people.
I have transient blindness, and got this game in the anti racism bundle (thanks for being involved), so I'll be able to check how accessible it is for me, but I wanted to know if it was a deep consideration or not.

Thank you for building such an interesting world and letting us have a sneaky peek into it.
I hope to see more of this world some day!

Nice little game.
Got stuck a few times but mostly due to missing prompts.
Visuals are amazing, problem solving is mostly intuitive, and I quite like the length of it. Just a nice lil' pretty brain teaser!
Thanks for making and sharing this.~

I more accessible one would be extremely cool.
I also have (transient) visual issues, so I might be able to play it on a good day, but I love when games implement accessibility into unique style.

Perhaps this can be worked on for this project or in future ones.

Is there a way to stop the text scrolling?
I got a vertigo attack from the opening scene and was trying to stop the scrolling text as it was making it worse but it just shut off the game @_@ 
How do I go into settings and is that possible to tweak?

I'm having a lot of problems I can't handle.
I'll list them here as they continue:
*Where is the save button? In an emergency I have to restart the day from scratch which isn't suitable due to the reasons below.
*Losing background so I can't tell where my character is, they're just in the void of between 2 colours.
*Unresponsive screen.
*Black screen.
* Settings unresponsive, and when I try to get out of the settings it begins altering the settings, changing parts of it to Chinese!

Oh my life, this is so adorable!
I love my lil' Goose.
I made it so they can't steal my mouse so hopefully no stress. But this is so, so cute. I'm smiling ear to ear! This has really made my day haha <3
Love the kind notes Goose writes too.
I'm looking forward to figuring out how to customise them (if I can)! :D