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Since the sponsors of this game jam is Github, I doubt not using their platform will be accepted. I think you might want to learn git if you want to participate

ah! You’re not dead!

thanks for trying our game :) happy to hear from you

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Hey! Other fans of this game, awesome! Well done game
In the last years, I have worked on this game too, and you can play online on the web (not as good-looking as yours haha!) or against an AI (there are currently 4 AIs, including one that has learned to play the game by itself, based on the NEAT algotirhm which I am still working on)
For now french only, but I think you can figure it out. If there is a demand, I may work to translate it :)

Hello! Very good game for a jam. There were some weirdness for me starting the game, but once I understood I needed to click "Collect" I was in.

What I thought: Things get very costly at about the 40min mark and I had not very many slots available for workers, so I needed to pivot and go all-in on baking. Thing is, I got my 73k cave upgrade but no more trade offers were available after this (I suspect because I fired all blacksmithing and mining)

It is hard to keep track of what uses what and the ratios. Also, I would like to know the price of the goods to sell without producing it (maybe show a more detailed tooltip, even for listings in trades)

All in all 8.5/10 for me, but I was stuck at about the hour mark where I would have needed to re-pivot, fire many workers and start mining/blacksmithing again and it was too much effort for me in one go so I left. Thanks for making it!

You are right, no way for the moment to speed it up but I have a point on my bucket list to revisit this game and to tune it so the progression is interesting to play past the beginning (where it becomes incredibly long). 
Thanks for the feedback :)


That is honestly a very good question! If you ever find out I want to know.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for taking time to comment and to test the game!
Have a good day

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Very nice game.
Love the music, the concept is pretty much brought over from VVVVVVVV but it still felt fresh.

The level design is interesting and challenging. The music sounds nice but imo is too colorful for the visuals which are B&W.

The game feels polished and well groomed.

Have a good day and thanks for making it!

EDIT: Just saw that you can change colors. Interesting feature!

Merci d'avoir essayé le jeu!

En effet, la rotation automatique de l'écran doit être activée (du moins sur Android) pour que la page s'adapte lors de la prise en main du cellulaire. Désolé du contretemps! On essaie toujours d'améliorer le fonctionnement de cette manette :)

Loved it! I usually hate platformers but this one had a VVVVVV vibe to it that I really enjoyed. The subtle progression to teach us about double-jumps and all the game mechanics is really well done.

10/10 would play again!

Sadly very buggy game. Sounds are nice :)

Nice! Btw you can glitch out the map by going reverse at the beginning. Well done, very polished and inventive!

Very nice game! Feels very polished for a jam game. The songs, the UI and the experience is top notch. Well done!
BTW your github repo seems private :)

You are right, the rules for walls is not really intuitive. What do you suggest? We wanted to have walls destructible a little

Noice! :D

I like the direction of the game. I think if you designed the levels to be more of puzzles and you could not stop the ball movement before hitting a wall it would be nice. but for now I can't even finish the level

Please tell me if you ever setup payments/donations for the game as I'd like to contribute! Well done Spicy :)
PS: Here's your song in mp3 format, which is about one tenth the size as the wav! (WeTransfer link

That's great. If you want to put the music up on as a DLC I'd probably even pay a buck or two to download it :)

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I think the goal is to lure the duck into submission by smashing your mouse so that the pebbles are gradually closer to your hand, that way you earn the duck's trust and you get to pet it.
EDIT: That said, it reminded me of a tamagotchi and I was happy + worry free for the whole 3 minutes that I played. Nice game! :D

Hello! Very nice game, am hooked. Is there some place where I could get the soundtrack? Love the ASMR-ish sounds that it contains. Very very nice submission!