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:( that's sad. Is that coming from the webgl build? What's your computer make and model?

Please tell me if you ever setup payments/donations for the game as I'd like to contribute! Well done Spicy :)
PS: Here's your song in mp3 format, which is about one tenth the size as the wav! (WeTransfer link

That's great. If you want to put the music up on as a DLC I'd probably even pay a buck or two to download it :)

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I think the goal is to lure the duck into submission by smashing your mouse so that the pebbles are gradually closer to your hand, that way you earn the duck's trust and you get to pet it.
EDIT: That said, it reminded me of a tamagotchi and I was happy + worry free for the whole 3 minutes that I played. Nice game! :D

A1 game. Am hooked. Great job

Hello! Very nice game, am hooked. Is there some place where I could get the soundtrack? Love the ASMR-ish sounds that it contains. Very very nice submission!