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Yeah, I am using sfml, which I guess in this kind of scenario is not the best idea, though I am happy with just learning new stuff even if I don't finish the game in time. Had almost no time to work this week, but the weekend seems mostly free. If I can muster up the motivation maybe the game will still see the light of day before the end of the jam. How is it coming along for you?

Well, that's something. :D I don't even have movement done yet. Had no time to work yesterday, so I tried to come up with something more horrory, but I am settling on some kind of arena shooter thing, where you're taking the last stand against cabbages, because everything else seems too complicated. I won't need to do pathfinding or some complex collisions, which will save a lot of time. Would also be nice to make spotlight shader for atmospheric lighting. Shouldn't be too hard.

Started making the sprite sheet. Graphics will be simple pixel art. Also spent way too much time working on main menu.

Can't wait to brawl! Good luck! :D

Random Game Seed: 30654772234

Random Game Idea: A horror game where you own trivial fedoras for the most peaceful bad cabbages, and it's the most important thing you'll ever do.

Title: CabbaDook

Idea: A 2D horror game, where the player has to protect fedoras while being attacked by aggressive bad cabbages, who want to steal them. There's also a main monster that appears after some time. When it's killed the game is won.