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Thanks for asking! There is some dried blood in some parts of the level, no actual violence or blood spilling though. No cursing either. If just showing blood is too much however, I'd suggest not playing it.

Thanks for playing! You liking it in the end definitely made me happy! Longer comment on your video. :) 

Thanks for playing! I added a comment on your video. :) 

no you didn't miss anything in the dark hall. In the room with the shut door there is another way that enables you to open that door 

Yeah, that area got a bit darker than we intended to. The generator on the right turns on a buzzing sound and lights that show you where to go. The door is under water (pretty visible though). Thanks for the feedback!

Yes there is. Have you been to the room with the orange light? It would be after that.

Glad that you got scared even as someone who knew a bit of the game beforehand :)

Thank you! We did put a lot of effort into the mood and atmosphere. First time doing actual level design for me and implementing all the scripted events, lights etc. it was a lot of fun. :) 

We made an effort to have a polished game, since we had some great marketplace assets and the time anyways. As for the gameplay, it's definitely not easy but that just adds to the chaotic couch multiplayer factor, we believe. :)

I feel like increasing the dash range a bit in the future would be a good idea, if we are going to continue working on this. Your comment is much appreciated!

Thanks, it was a pleasure talking to you guys the last couple days!

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We didn't manage to upload the correct version in time, sadly. Would have needed about 10 more minutes.. :)

Screenshots are of the final version.