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Additionally, the game worked great until the February update.

I purchased the game through itch, how would I go about getting a refund?

I originally bought this game 2 months ago, 45 days ago, an update caused it to stop working on my Surface, apparently due to an issue with unreal 4.14 engine. Unreal has been updated to 4.15 in February. and still no joy. I did use the Steam Key to improve the ability to download, however, still waiting to play again....

not sure if Epic is going to release a fix for 4.14 as they released 4.15 in February...

I am hoping they release the fix soon as I am still unable to play

Still crashes after title screen.. any help would be appreciated

Unable to start Aven Colony after update

Microsoft Surface Book

Attempted reinstall, rollback, and unreal engine fix.

Splash screen then crash to windows will attempt to find a fix error