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This is adorable!

This was clever!

This is so cute!

This was entertaining! I wish it had an end though

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the download version or the webpage version to work.

This is cute! I did get softblocked at one point, and some tweaks would make this awesome!

THis was neat!

This is a cool game!

This is fun! I do wish there was an end of some sort.

This was so cool!

How do you get the level to end? After placing both the plant cards and watering them and getting the money, nothing happens.

I think mine glitched then, as the stairs after the key took me to the caves.

I've definitely seen the chest one multiple times, with not having to unlock the door as I can just go through the other end! I also am pretty sure I had the glitch with the swamp too, I had it after floor 3 where instead of getting to the swamp the post-key stairs took me to the caves instead.

I cannot figure out at all how to get to the new Swamp stuff!


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This game is so cute!

This was beautiful and also sad!

This seems like it's going to be really interesting!

This is fun, but tricky!

A really interesting game! With antisocial, unless they fall in love you can't win, so it's fun to see how long you can last!

Oh woah I just finished, this was so cool!

One problem: Got into a bit of a "Dark Expanse" loop, so the opponent and I are just playing them forever.

This is hard! The doom keeps reaching the wagon so quickly!

Tricky but really cool!

This is so much fun! Some of the later levels definitely made me think! I would love a longer game!

A cute game! My problem is that it takes some time to earn money, with constantly having to close and open the circus.

I was very confused and thought I had encountered a bug until I realized that oh no! The block being removed on self was fixed to actually work with the ninja armour! Noooo!

This is tricky but fun!

Yes! Another success against the final boss!

Glad I got one of the fun burst mage builds before the update. I just kept going for awhile, killing all enemies first turn lol.

What's a burst mage build?

I can barely get into floor 7 anymore, anyone have any build recommendations for surviving the fire?

I didn't realize that with the shield spirit, every time I used the shield my weapon's damage decreased. I definitely think some clarity with what the relics do would be great. When I say that I mean a bit more detail in their descriptions. I also don't love the mana rework.

Made it to the king at the end of the magma, but stood no chance against his rage and spikes! Next time I'll bring a bunch of status removers.

Game froze partway through second day

This gme is so cute! I wish it wasclear how to pick up the items, I don't always consistently do so which is frustrating.

This game was adorable and really fun!

Oh wow, this game is so nicely set up! And I love the card designs! This is great!

Clever little game! It definitely is frustrating how slow the attacks happen versus the enemy attacks, also dodge doesn't seem to do much (at least to me).

This is really cool! I'd definitely love to see more!