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do whatever u want with them


goqegy, luzem gvmz!!!

yeah i'm planning on releasing all the bootlegs on here eventually just wanna figure out a not spammy way to do it

happy to help!!!

i just love to educate!!!

phenomenal. holy shit

holy shit yes

looooved this

that was rly fun!!! i need more excuses to write and this was a really good one

incredibly me


that fucking CRT

holy shit i never expected megazeux to show up. LOVE this game

i can't tell the difference

this is so beautiful and good.....

im so happy cavity girl fucked

i was so wrong about samantha....

i love this game a lot

kingpin: life of crime!

Hiya! This is a known problem on mac; you just need to move the app to a different folder and back again and it should work fine!

ah yeah this is an osx problem; if you move the app outside the folder and back in again it should work! 

Thanks! Health is real hard to come by on purpose, keeps the pace fast and risky. Eating healthy guns (they're green!) does restore health though

i didn't finish reading this