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Submitted by queenjazz (@jazzmickle) — 5 days, 20 hours before the deadline
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  • You can die entering the exit of a level and your death will take effect on the next floor which seems kind of weird. Some levels generate unreachable areas that you might start in requiring a restart. It's pretty disappointing that you can't use the explosive enemies to defeat other enemies. The gear you can use is nice, but since the energy for them is so limited they'll only be used as a crutch until you learn how to properly kite enemies. Navigating around the enemies in these levels eventually becomes repetitive.
  • CARRIER is a roguelike set in a futuristic, glitchy, monochrome world influenced by traditional cellular devices. The game felt complete but at least one bug was encountered during my playtime. The overall aesthetic and style is very strong, but the glitch effects on the later levels are overdone and were a very large negative for me. I reached level 10 or so, the later levels seemed to progress linearly, with only larger maps and more of the two enemy types to account for an increase in difficulty. The game features procedural generation, grid-based maps, turn-based movement and actions, permadeath (with a twist), and traditional roguelike-inspired asesthetics fused with futuristic glitchy theme.
  • A small but interesting game. Some crashes encountered, but only on game over - gameplay itself seems stable. Visuals clean, clear and evocative with some fun 'glitch' effects. Controls straightforward and easy to learn. Some intriguing mechanics, but not a lot of variety and the short visual range makes it difficult to play tactically or really take advantage of enemy attack patterns; progressing is more a matter of stumbling upon the exit before getting boxed in. Only two enemy types and a few items - enough to explore the idea but not enough to fully develop it.

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Deleted post

mac version stuck at white screen after unity logo 


ah yeah this is an osx problem; if you move the app outside the folder and back in again it should work! 

Brilliant, thank you.