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how did you make it use 0.10.2 instead of the (if remember right) included 0.10.1?

Unfortunately, you will have to download this directly from the itch page.

Oh no! Are you on Windows? You need to right-click the zip and pick 'extract' or similar. Or is there something else wrong?

Awesome to see it here on itch!

Too bad it's still hacky for Linux/OSX users to use it.

Unfortunately can't run it. Probably because of non-unicode-non-ascii characters in file and folder names :(

on 64bit win 10 it just says "This app can't run on your PC"

That's great to hear! I did the music puzzle (it became ok once I started writing the sequence down). I think without solving that puzzle, I wouldn't be able to read the note about the ᴎ∩⅁ puzzle. Still no idea how to continue though. Even climbed the crow's nest. Nothing. :)

Thanks, now I got 6 scrolls, one of which I'm not sure whether it is a J, I or L (I'm guessing L) and I have the 4/3/2/1 notes as well. I can't figure our the Sᴎ∩⅁ riddle though. I tried clicking pistols, canons, muskets and the triangle key highlights red when pointing with it on the entrances to the hold but has no effect. Wish the cursor was centered to the camera.

Hey, this looks interesting but the games don't work without the data folders. You'll have to provide zips for win/linux

Hey, the windows release needs the exe and the folder. You need to zip both and upload the zip. :)

oh, I thought these were features to make the game be more evil :)

I went to imgur to upload a screenshot. It's 2 hours later now.

gorgeous, obviously!

Very nice! I hope you'll have time to make buttons blink in all kinds of ways in reaction to player action/ship states. :)

looking forward to this one!

If you want to make a 3D game, you could for example use Panda3D.

Code for scaling a 64x64 game can be found at

(1 edit)

Use löve2d with maid64

Video demo:

Thanks! Without your question I probably wouldn't have figured out how to rotate anything at all.

Using your code, changing the left/right to the following made rotation and forward movement seem ok at fist:

 if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("LEFT")) { Sup.Math.Quaternion(0, 0.01, 0));
if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("RIGHT")) { Sup.Math.Quaternion(0, -0.01, 0));

but when using larger values or starting off with one huge rotation, the model gets squished together:

Full code (assumes "CatTankHead" 3d model exists):

let mainCharacterActor = new Sup.Actor("CatTankHead");
// Tell our actor to dress in a 3d model
new Sup.ModelRenderer(mainCharacterActor, "CatTankHead");
// Summon a second person on stage, that'll be the camera
let cameraActor = new Sup.Actor("Camera1");
// Give the person a camera
new Sup.Camera(cameraActor);
// Place our actors. The main character actor is at the center of the stage
mainCharacterActor.setPosition(0, -1, -4);
// The camera person will be looking at the main actor from a distance
cameraActor.setPosition(0, 0, 5);
class CatBehavior extends Sup.Behavior {
  awake() { Sup.Math.Quaternion(0, 0, 0));
  update() {
    if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("LEFT")) { Sup.Math.Quaternion(0, 0.1, 0));
    if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("RIGHT")) { Sup.Math.Quaternion(0, -0.1, 0));

    if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("UP")) {,0,0.1);

    if (Sup.Input.isKeyDown("DOWN")) {,0,-0.1);

Hi, I'm trying to make a little game in Superpowers HTML5 but testing has been annoying: the color change, fade, banner, loading bar, fade are distracting my already challenged non-programmer mind. The waiting is annoying already but having the distractions kicks me even more out of the zone.

Loading screen:

Can I make it so that the F5 Run Project function starts the game without start screen?


Thanks! Runs fine on Linux:

Any chance for a Mac and/or Linux build? :)