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I gave it a shot, pretty cool movement!

Love it!

how did you make it use 0.10.2 instead of the (if remember right) included 0.10.1?

Unfortunately, you will have to download this directly from the itch page.

Oh no! Are you on Windows? You need to right-click the zip and pick 'extract' or similar. Or is there something else wrong?

Awesome to see it here on itch!

Too bad it's still hacky for Linux/OSX users to use it.

Quite cool. Reminds me of Sanctum 2.

Youtube doesn't seem to like the music copyright though.

This is crazy. The song too. It is so easy to get trapped in an empty endless loop of interpreting the meaning.

How even did you find that song... Wow. somehow.

I gave it a shot:

Wow, subtraction is so much harder!

Thanks for fixing! I can find two guns and some chicken now. Did I miss a lot?


Gorgeous! But I couldn't find any weapons yet...

Nice and shaky but needs more googly eyes and slightly less flashing background :)

The title image is gorgeous by the way.

Beautiful terrain and [SPOILER] toilet.

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Interesting controls but either I missed what to do after the zoom-in or I guess it's mostly a tech demo for now?

Couldn't quite figure it out although I somehow did make some progress...

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Reminds me of A Normal Lost Phone slightly

Wow, I really suck at this :)

Couldn't quite figure it out...

Killer7 (I only watched a Let's Play) can be clearly sensed as inspiration here. Hope this will continue development.

Silly outfits, obviously. Nice 1st boss fight though.

I think you were making a point about super heroine outfits and poses...

You know like http://thehawkeyeinitiative.com/

I don't think I understand the controls but I do understand the name of the game.

The windows exe starts but then nothing happens and the executable closes. :(

Nice and sweet.

The dodging is really extreme and the slomo makes it playable so I'd suggest focusing on that and possibly allowing removing bullets. First though is that slomo should recharge and have more (audio?) feedback regarding being active or running out... Also reminds me of hets a bit, where you have auto-slomo when bullets come near you. (as a pickable bonus)

Created a new topic Testing Skyswept

Hi, I gave skyswept a try (nice lowpoly graphics!). The most noticeable thing for me that there was no feedback for picking up the reload items.

I loved it! At first I struggled being totally confused but once I figured it out it was great.

LOVED the silly/creepy voice antagonist!

This works quite good, Interesting combination of the wall-sliding+shot mechanic and well-introduced as well! I'm glad the space part isn't too long :)

Fascinating. At first, I hated it and the struggle with the controls. At some point, I got them...

Created a new topic Testing Tem Catcher



It was fun to explore what was implemented and what not.

Not enough pacifist options :)

So simple yet so beautiful!

Wasn't sure whether or not I was picking up the spheres and what they do.

Interesting how the game repeats but the dialog evolves... not sure I figured it out though or if the game is unfinished...

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Tried it, not sure whether I broke it or the game's not done yet...

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Howdy. I suck at 0-gravity games and am still not sure how to tell the astronaut to grab the wall. Don't understand what to do with tnt/c4 either except have some suicidal fun. :)

Not bad. Wish it had 360° aiming though.

But yeah, sin/cos are annoying to deal with.