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That's very kind, thank you! I'm so glad you like it :)

Fabulous! :D



Thank you! \o/

Thank you! \o/

Thank you for the kind words, I'm honoured!


Hope you enjoy it! :D

That's very kind, thank you! :)

Thank you! 


Hey, thanks for giving this a go, and for a fun video to watch! Also, showed me some spelling/sentence mistakes that need fixing!

The hope is to add more stories every Halloween, so *eventually* it'll be something rather bigger!

Thanks again for playing it!


If you get it on cassette it's approximately 4" × 2½" × ½

Oh, wait...

Well, it entirely depends upon. your skill level. I've never actually timed it but if you know what you're doing I'd say about thirty minutes to an hour for each part?

If you know what you're doing ;)

Hope that helps!

QS  =D

Hurrah! Huge game! Excited to play it 'for real' :)

Keep doing what you're doing!


The software I used to make the game doesn't export to Windows alas - sorry :(

That's so kind, and so precious to get such a reaction from something I made!

I'm currently neck deep in a new game, but I'll see if I can find some time in the next couple of days to add a 'standard' font version for those with, ahem, 'old' eyes! 

Thanks again for playing it! Was great fun watching! 


I have absolutely no idea about this to be honest. I made this for my dad, then made a 'general' version seen here so that others could send a 'card' to their fathers.

The source was provided so that if the pre-made messages didn't appeal, you could modify the text to suit your situation, export it, and then send it onto your intended recipient as a gift.

As long as it's used for this kind of personal, or even educational use, I have no problem with it being shared I guess?

My hope was that some people might get interested in making their own games if they saw behind the curtain and modified a couple of things.

The very first game I modified when I was a little lamb was Psion's Flight Simulator. I broke into the code, changed air speed to 'fart speed' (forgive me!) and played it like that. That moment contributed to starting me off making games, and I guess a part of me hope that someone looking at the source for this might get inspired!

So, I don't know. I guess, use it for educational or personal use? Does that sound right?



I have had issues myself porting to other platforms, mainly because I'm unfamiliar with them, so I'm not going to be much help there! Sorry! 

I believe some exports work better than others, and some *do* work, as Lantern's author Evan Wright uses it as a teaching aid in his school, and they've made physical copies of games authored in his classroom for systems other than the Spectrum.

It may be worth writing to him via the email on the Lantern site and asking! I'm sure you'd get an educational response!

Hope that helps! :)


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will put a warning at the end of each game's description so that others are aware! I certainly wasn't! I've tested on Sierra and Catalina but I'm loathe to 'upgrade' to Big Sur because things do end up being broken for a while :O

I hope you can get the game working, and if you do, I'd appreciate a link to what worked for you! In the meantime, yes, it's a LOT easier to get Speccy games working!  Thanks for giving Last Train a go! :D


Hi there, so sorry about this - it appears to be a problem with Big Sur. I googled "You do not have permission to open the application" and saw others with the same issue for other apps, and found a few (easy!) suggestions on how to fix it.

Again, sorry about this, but I've stuck to Catalina and tested it on that and an even older OS and it works fine, so I think Big Sur might be the issue. 

I assume this will be the same for all my Mac games, so if you find a working solution please do let me know and I'll gladly add it to the description so others can fix bypass this too!

Many thanks!


Hiya, thanks for your interest. I'm going to flat out say 'No PC version' - not because I don't want to, but because the software used to make the game 10 years ago doesn't export to that.

Sorry :(


Ah, I see, Rob is always very kind and generous! Thank you for trying out the game - I have a bunch of others, some paid for, some free - something for everyone ;)

Thanks again for your kind interest!


Thank you for the kind words, and welcome to the World of Spectrum! :D It's fun and silly and the water's lovely! 

Can I ask what made you want to try it? Genuinely curious :)

Thanks again, 

QS  =D

This is amazingly authentic! Best version of Space Invaders I've played on the Spectrum! \o/


Hope you had a good one! :D


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But you can!

I get what you mean though and that's very kind! Happy holidays to you and yours :)


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You're welcome! And same to you :)

You're welcome! Happy Holidays! :)

Sure! Go for it! And ty for playing! :)


Thanks for playing the game, and well done on solving it! :D

Thank you for playing the game! I ran out of memory on the Speccy so decided to get rid of the kitchen! It now serves only as a red herring!


I like the idea of this a lot! 

Would you consider releasing a version with different keyboard controls? On the Spectrum, traditionally, Q and A are Up and Down, and O and P are Left and Right.

You could also make a version with arrow keys for movement.

Or add in the redefine keys option that MPAGD has.

The controls are one of the most important parts of a game. Setting them up to be comfortable to use will help a lot!

Hope that helps, and sorry for the unsolicited advice!

Keep going!


I'm so glad! Thank you! :D

That's very kind, but it's not Shakespeare ;)

Great idea! :)

Very excited for the release of 2.0 ! Hurrah!

Watching the video about 10 times,  I noticed  an icon in the bottom left of the horizontal shooter example that stays in place while the background scrolls.

Is this perhaps the start of HUD implementation? :D

*hooves crossed*

Cheers, and keep up the great work! :)


I didn't know that! Nice one!

And I *love* the emulator as if it were my own tiny lamb ! Thanks for introducing me to it!

(also - new game this weekend! Spread the word!)

QS  =D

Just wanted to say 'thank you' again for this awesome software!




Thank you for doing this! :)

Alas, PGD (Platform Game Designer, which I used to make this) doesn't support joysticks or definable keys or sound :O

I've learned my lesson though, and I'm now using MPAGD for future games which lets you use Kempston or Sinclair joysticks, as well as define your keys!

Sorry 'bout that!


Hello, sir!

I just wanted to say 'thanks' again for this awesome software! I downloaded this latest version and was overjoyed to find that pressing F5 means I can instantly test my game!

Looking forward to seeing what the moving platform can do!

Thank you so much!

Stay safe! Wash your hands!