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The boob (& pec) windows, that is. I'm not complaining, but I have to ask why uniforms would have them. Is there maybe some fun lore reason?

I'm gripped by the premise, and the squids are shaping up to be a much more interesting alien race than most scifi I've read lately.  The background art creates a believable space, even in its current sketchy style. You've clearly got a grasp on the underused Ren'Py features like the timing of text to interrupt and facial transitions. I'm especially excited to see how the choices will impact the story. If your attention to detail so far is anything to go by, the future of this project looks bright. It feels like you've put a lot of thought behind this project and building the world up; I'm excited to see where else we get to go!

How do you manage to stop yourself from making every little choice have a big impact? How do you prioritize that?

P.S. There's a spelling mistake in early chapter 3 where diary was misspelled dairy. The exact text is "The panel covered a small cavity filled with obsolete fuses that I could safely remove to make room for the dairy."

P.P.S. It's always good to see media from a fellow South African!

The sprites are just so damn expressive they're my favorite part of this. Also this poor deer is getting way ahead of himself in ways I think we can all relate to.

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The scenario is cute if a little contrived, but the writing is solid and the sketches add so much life to the story. I really appreciate how many expressions you drew out for the deer, even with "tired" variations. And on a personal note it's nice to see some recognition that us "bigger" folks also enjoy yoga!

They always say you should leave your audience wanting more, and you've definitely done that. Really looking forward to more from you.

I've never cried at writing in a game before, let alone from a "pulpy" genre like furry VN.  Your writing is incredibly insightful and it deserves special recognition.

Quick note, the game throws up an error because the data folder has a different name than its expecting. Easy fix, just renamed the folder, so I got to experience the game.

And uh, I 've got to say, I'll definitely be playing every game you put out.

Why isn't this tagged as "horror"?