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MacBook Pro on OS 10.14.6

Its just the splash screen (same image as your itch) and it stays there.

This won't get past the splash screen on my Mac :(

Is removing games from collections (from places other than the "My collections" page) ever going to be implemented?

When I get the chance I'll be updating the game with a bunch of improvements (including the zombie moan mechanic) but thanks for playing the current version! :D

Ya right now its random lobby joining. If we get enough people online at once (more than the 0 - 2 now) I'll update to have a room browser. For now, if you want to play with your friend, chances are you and them will be the only people online so just press the join button and you'll be together. Happy hunting :)

If you need someone to play with tweet me @KingSlizzard

I need to know the controls on how to blow a kiss