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Dang.....I thought I was winning but clearly I was not. Great game! A++

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I'd say it's a pretty cool thing and looks exactly what you were aiming for. Creepy story, iterated spooky action, fast jump scares. I give this a 10/10 for a short story jump scare. Nice. (Good controls too!)

That's the theory. I started learning Unity this year. Figuring out scenes and objects, testing different platforms for publishing. Since I'm building and testing on a Linux system, I haven't done any testing on Windows , Mac or IOS.  Maybe building on Android if the files aren't too big .  I'll probably be reworking the whole map but for now, I think I'll focus on building assets in Blender just to keep things interesting. Flight mode will be gone by default later on but it may be a feature.

That was pretty neat. I can relate to "bird watching" with lots of beer and high power radios.  The  silhouette in the lightning flashes, I have to admit gave me an uneasy feeling. Great atmosphere. Spooky effects. A++ 

It's up up down down BA on the blue screen

Well played DoggyFroggy. Well played. I haven't felt authentic fear in a long time and you brought it. Solid 9 of 10. Minus a point for that statue number puzzle but the rest was cool.