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This went from Zillow to Yumenikki pretty fast. ;w;

Hi, go to to try it out. 

Sorry to be so slow on updates here, but this game is being turned into something a lot grander and we just got a lot of funding to do so. ;w;)

Outcheck it at :3

It's because I cannot afford the time.

I hope to see more too, it's not the easiest kind of simulator to make, though. ;w;

I know it's lacking... ;_;

It's something I would have to spend a bit of time on, and currently I am very busy with 789 and my 9-5, so it would have to be whenever I have time. Currently not that many people are interested in this game, and according to the stats, if I were to make a guide it would be just for you.

Yes, the red numbers are evil so don't click them. ;w;

Well, 789 is in the same universe starring the police lady from Catmouth Island, so it lives on. ;w;

The best game on so far. :3c

Sorry... but the codebase is so tangled up in deprecated Unity-commands and other issues it would take way too long to expand upon. ;_;

I work full-time 9-5, and for some reason did not get furlough'd yet, so I haven't had as much time to spend on this as I would like to. However, the next update will be huge. It will almost be the full game. ;w;

No, it is still going. I have made a lot of new cars and progress, my only issue is that I have very little time to do this so it's not going as fast as it could. ;_;

The game is dead. ;_;

The game is still being worked on! x3

Don't worry. Hopefully I'll get some more development time later this year to speed things up. ;w;

It is indeed being worked on as we type. :3

Unfortunately I work full-time so things are moving a little slow...

Yes, it will come. :3c

Hi, sorry about the late response, but this game is as stated an early prototype. So please be patient. The game is being worked on. ;w;

Aw, thank you. :3c 

There is a bit of work left to be done for this game, like a rebalance, a mode selection, and of course music and sounds, but sadly I am experiencing a string of bad luck that removes all available spare time I have to work on this... Hopefully I will get some time for this slowly over the next weeks. ;w;

It's a Unity-issue apparently... I also have the same with 789. I hope to be able to figure out why it happens. The profiling in the editor shows nothing. Sorry about this... ;_;


I guess I can hold off starting the game until the shaders have warmed up and all objects have been allocated in memory. I have the same problem too. I just have to be clever with this to avoid a too long startup time. ;w;

Sounds will come! Also ragdolls are extremely complex even though they don't look like it. I am happy they perform well. :3

Yes, there is lots of room for improvements... uwu

That's because you can only click it when it is. They are toggle tiles and need to be clicked in time.

There might be more gameplay mechanics added when I get time. ;w;

Klykkit is a simple sequential clicking game prototype with a streak mechanic built in so that if you click fast enough you get additional bonus points. One wrong click, though, and you're out! >:3c

Please try it out in your browser here:

As mentioned for another poster, if there is significant interest in maintaining this project I might as well work on this. :3c

Well, if there reasonable interest for it, I might. ;w;

There might be other drone-projects, though. ;w;

Sorry, but this project will not be continued. ;_;

I hope it will be worth it. :3

You can follow some of the development on my Twitter here:

Thank you. ;w; I am trying to make a large map with cities for this as we type. The biggest challenge is the character controller which involves an active ragdoll. Once I have that in place I can generate a test city and put out a new update.

Oh, my, I didn't expect comments on this. ;w;

I have come a considerable long way since this prototype now. The next update will be very different!


This might be dumb but try clicking the game window with the mouse cursor over it and then try dragging the mouse around.

If this doesn't work then I don't know what is going on. Due to security concerns I cannot capture the mouse if it is outside the game window, so try fullscreen.

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Hi man, sorry about your difficulties. I have mainly made this for controller-support, and in specific the X-boxen-range of controllers (360 and Xbone).

To get the mouse to work you need the pointer over the game window. Try playing in fullscreen, maybe that will work. Also WebGL isn't satisfyingly supported in a few browsers yet so there might still be issues.

I will look into this, though. Thank you for letting me know.