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The cake is a lie.

- Absolutely no difference, just multiple keys for the same actions.

- Absolutely no idea why the player moves faster on some levels.

(I haven't bothered to look up a tutorial for keeping the music going.)

Thanks for your inquisitiveness.

Thanks for the comment!

I wanted the player to be able to go to the next level whenever they reached 100%, but I also wanted the player to be able to see  how much more energy they could produce  before the rest of the time runs out. If you run out of time or pause the game after you have reached 100%, there is a button to go to the next level in the pause/out of time menu.

Alas, more non-tutorial levels were not possible in the given time. (To build a level, I had to manually link up every wire piece/component with the previous one...sigh...It took a while.)

I loved how the little buds followed you around and how their jumps were delayed. I also liked how if you walked them next to each other and released the bungee, they would start following each other instead of you, allowing you to control them without them being tethered to you. They couldn't jump, but it was cute how they looked like they were hugging each other.

The sound of the music was perfect for the setting, and I never noticed it looping; it was so good.

Well done. I wouldn't be surprised if this game gets in the top 20, or even the top 10!

I like the music.

The game is slightly confusing, but the chickens dancing was great. I think I duplicated too many chicks and gates. Fun.

Pretty good. I liked how you needed to maneuver the dots and alternate between controlling them in the same direction and alternate directions. Fun idea!

Great idea!

A little confusing, but fun. I liked the way the screens reordered themselves.

Great. This puzzle game was intriguing.

Speedran in 1:35.

This was very fun. I loved the graphics, especially the incinerator. The vocals were great. Hard.

Well done.

Music: Great - Very nice how all the dwarves played together while flying over sharp objects.

Mechanic: Interesting

Game: Fun

I liked the violin dwarf.

Interesting Idea. The chain is cool. Fun.


Also hard. Nice.

This game was a great take on the "dying leaves your body behind" idea. Awesome visuals. I would love to see even more levels that make use of this mechanic.

Thanks for the tip! It should work now. (At least in Microsoft Edge - For some reason I can't play unity games from the jam in Chrome.)

Much thanks, though I'm not sure if I'll have the determination to keep working on it after the jam. I just looked back at it and realized the organization of the art/code/sound/etc. looks like spaghetti. I haven't really fully "completed" any game I've made.

Thanks. If you are referring to the right corner of the second level, I probably should have blocked it off. But failing is progress, so you got somewhere at least!

Thank you! I realize that I probably should have slowed it down. It was probably me being in a hurry trying to make it and playtesting like a speedrunner.

Thank you! Just two arrays (one for actions -  like dialogue or flying spikes, and one for time in between (-1 for wait for trigger)) and some head-scratching.

Cool game idea. I liked the strategy as well as the simplicity.

Fun game, though knocking the cube out of the map should softlock it, right? Super speedy, and a little hard to control, but I think softlocking is a really great idea for the theme.

Interesting game, but the FOV, sensitivity, and confusing-ness of it made it kind of hard to play. Pretty fun once you get the hang of it.

Really fun game. I found the lack of checkpoints slightly annoying, but super wOWiE.

I figured out you can press e to skip dialogue. Useful for speedrunning.

Had fun losing lots of points. No idea what happened.