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Thank you, I will take a look at the video immediately.

Originally for the GMTK game jam, the theme was genre without mechanic so I chose rhythm without music, but someone suggested to put this game into music game jam. I also don't know any music programs to make music.

Thanks for playing my game on video

Thank you for the feedback, if I ever do go back on this idea I will make it have a real challenge. Adding musical elements to the arrows will is a interesting idea and may incorporate that into later games that I will make.

Thank you for the criticism, I do have the difficulty increase overtime but didn't have enough time to tweak it. If I do ever come back to this idea I will implement some of the ideas you have presented.

Thanks for the feedback maybe ill return to this idea and add some feedback or some other things thats not clicking on triangles.

Just did that Thanks for reminding me :)

I just did that thanks for letting me know.

Thank you, i originally was about to make a tower defense game with out ai but I only had 2 hours left due to procrastinating so I made this.

Thanks for the feed back, hopefully I will comeback to this idea and build on it.

Thanks for the criticism, ill definitely attempt to stick with the theme in later game jams.

Glad you enjoyed the game.

Glad you enjoyed my game, especially the movement... once you got used to it.

Glad you enjoyed it, Thank you for the feed back and will take it to consideration in future games that I will make.

Glad you enjoyed my game, unfortunately i don't know how to make music. Maybe in the next game Shenanijam I will implement music.