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ive actually tried that. It worked once but i still have issues when i restart the game

I have no issues with Nolo Tetris at all. I made sure to test out another mobile game to be sure it wasnt my controllers.

For whatever the reason, it seems like the game gives up on tracking the controllers on my note4. The gun will be centered in front but out in front a great distance from me. I have to power cycle everything to get it to detect properly. When it does detect sometimes they are both centered and just above my head.... still trying to figure out what i cab do about getting them in front of my consistently,,, but when the controllers stop tracking all together, it makes it hard to figure out. the head tracker tracks just fine.


Thats the error it gives me once it gets started. the only option is to cancel and that closes out the app

I intend to test out the NOLO function

Ximmerse app cannot run unless you update Ximmerse services.
cant find the app not sure how to update that.

and thank you

All I have to do is start it and it immediately crashes.

How do I use the android cardboard beta? I tried adding .apk to the file and it installed but it crashes when I try to run it. I would have thought that my Note4 would have been powerful enough... maybe it isnt?