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That's exactly the feel we had in mind, we're very glad you've enjoyed the game.

Oh, yes, it's a bug we only found after publishing the game. We will definitely fix it when we clean up the game, but thanks for playing for now :)

You've come up with some unique mechanics. I like how the ghost carries water!

Not quite sure about the fit with the limitation, but liked the game.

Playing it solo is quite a challenge

Fun game to play! I'd definitely like more levels, but it's not to say that you didn't make enough in this short time, it's that I liked the game and would have liked to play even more. Good job!

Hey Scayze, thanks for playing! I'm both impressed that you made it on the first try and upset that it means it's not difficult enough :)

I'm glad to hear it did hurt to sacrifice the fox haha. With our twisted minds that was exactly the emotion we wanted to get out; maybe it's that we believe humans are innately good, and would be forced to explore other options before giving up the fox.

Please excuse the typos for the time being :) we'll clean them up after the game jam scoring is done

Source code:

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

I was able to replicate the glitch, thank you for telling me about it, I didn't think to test it that way :) I will fix it once the jam is over.

The game looks good, but I wish it had a tutorial, because it's stuck on the selection of action for me and I have no idea what to press, I've tried every key, and mouse actions, but can't seem to get it to work.

It says it was made for Pixel day, not really in the span of the game jam :<

I like the idea behind the mechanic, it's simple and effective. Also, jumping on blocks during pulses "breaks" them.

Also had white screen, but the screens you've had before that are interesting. I like the smoothness of it, better than some Unity games have, the art style, and the cut scene is pretty

This is a fun game! I think finding a way to position the bar with the items coming up in the middle so you look at the character too would make it a bit better, cause I ended up mostly looking at the top and not at the character. Either way it's fun

Cool level design, has nice timings, so it's just hard enough to beat.

The game is pretty jittery on my PC, and I ended up going pretty far in lvl 2 and then falling through the floor between all the textures underneath the map :$

The game is pretty fun, and somewhat addictive, but the occasional lags in the audio really throw you off during the game. Cute sprites

I played this game with @euni.p and we really enjoyed it. It's addictive, competitive, and just complex enough to make you want to try again. I think it would benefit from a small screen explaining what exactly is the goal, as it took us a little bit of time to get it, but after we've had a lot of fun!

Thank you, that's good to hear, because that's what we wanted to achieve :) We're quite proud of the puns and references

Fun game! Enjoyed the mini game aspect and the mechanic of traveling between the rooms!

We got spooked hearing the guards go into the chase mode. Pretty atmospheric, and the art is noice, good job!