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that sounds like a fun ruling! I didn't read it as a mutation, despite the bolding, because of the pressing. It talks about "it" when most (all?) of the mutations use "you". There's definitely gonna be some mistakes in any book, but I'm a fan of the tradeoff you came up with.

The way I read the PDF is that there is no mutation. The ink cloud is the creature's ability that it can use whenever it wants. 

hey I'm curious how the turn splitting has been going, if you tried it. My gut said it would quickly kill them but maybe not! My players are in The Trench on Gen 4 and i cut out the "two moves to traverse" rule just because it felt like it would be too much of a slog. I like it thematically but we only play for a couple hours so wanted them to have more progress.

Hey! Always glad to chat about this game :)

1. My players joined did a WHOLE lot of pantomime and bartering with Chum before they got an Academic. I bet yours could do the same with the hermits. I should clarify here though that I meant they could fill empty slots, not leave stuff in Manawa. A lot of the most fun stuff has been off of ridiculous use of random starting items, so I definitely wouldn't let them leave stuff behind. For example the horn, which we played  as a bike horn, has now become a key component of Chum leadership and culture after a chance trade in Gen 1. I haven't had to deal with ammo at all though, because my one fisher player got The Deep Queen's Harpoon on Gen 1 and never used their harpoonbow.

2. Yeah, ultimately it comes down to your table. I am fortunate enough to play with good friends, so if something isn't working right I can just talk to them about it and we will change it. Hopefully if you don't like how it's working, you feel comfortable enough to do the same.

3. I have had a bunch of morale rolls come up. For me, I just told them if they wanted to run they had to stick together! Which, unfortunately, is kind of a non-answer to your question. While in a more free-form game I have no issue splitting the party, in something like this with more structured turns and important mapping I did not want to deal with the hassle. I guess if I allowed the party to split up I'd let them split a turn's action into different types. I also might make certain turns take longer though, like 2 turns to explore or give a penalty to forage, given that the whole group isn't executing it together. I'd be curious how it works out if it ends up happening for you!

Hey! I know you asked a while ago, but hopefully it can still help.

I've been running for a few months, party is up to generation 4 and have reached the Kelp Forest. I'd say in general the answer here is going to be "depends on how the referee wants to run it." I think that's you here, but not sure. Here's what I would do:

1. Yes, definitely starts with ammo. You could do one slot's worth or you could maybe do as many slots as they want to fill. This hasn't come up for me a lot because the player's have generally used melee weapons. I also forgot there was ammo! Harpoonbow seems especially tricky though since it doesn't seem like there is a way to replenish the ammo. I'd probably just let them have a slot and count it as enough, but honestly hasn't come up a ton.

2. I don't let benefits like that accrue generation to generation. I like the choice between doing damage early on or identifying something, it makes them think about time and need to decide between risk now / reward later.

3. The way I read it, no. Forage and explore seem like they would take everyone working together. It also will make it way easier if you allow them to "split" a turn like that because they will be able to do much more than they would otherwise. I always viewed the turn choices as everyone needing to do them together.

That is my favorite guarantee I've read.

Absolutely want a zine!