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I see, that's alright. Perfectly understandable you didn't want sibling romance, I wasn't aware she's related to MC.

Hearing you'll be making another game with girl options makes me pretty happy, I'll be looking forward to it!

Oh. That's a shame.

Are both the extra dlc love interests boys too? No Elizabeth?

Ok. One last thing: the ending where the girls stay together in the woods after using the mega spell has no CG, correct?

Lovely game, I enjoyed it a lot. I didn't expect a psychological component. 2 things though: the gallery doesn't seem to unlock images and...does this have bad/tragic endings? Because I got 2 happy endings and don't want to ruin the fuzzy feeling.

Oh, you're the person who made As We Know It! I bought that but haven't played it yet. Well I'll keep hoping you'll make something as gay as the vampire game in the future. One last question: where can I find the "unlocked illustrations", please? I dont see a gallery...

Hey uh...are there are any plans for an extended paid version of this game in the future or something?

Very nice, I enjoyed it a lot. Very gay and sweet. happy ending too. The ending felt a tiny bit rushed but hey I get it it's a jam game. But I'm very happy I found this. Thanks for making it!

I mean like when I click the zen mode checkbox it stays empty

When I click zen mode it doesnt do anything?

Last update on KS said the 1 person left can try and finish the game in a reduced state by "late spring 2020". So maybe there's still a chance?

Yuri weddings are so rare and you're just gonna make it sad? Why u do dis :<

I didn't think you were rude. I'm honestly, genuinely interested in your reasons for thinking this feels like an otome to you. Could you please tell me why think that? I'm really curious.

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I would like to know as well why you think that. No they weren't genderswapped near release, it was funded on kickstarter more than a year ago, it was yuri from the beginning.


Great, thanks.

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I got a question, is it possible for Faylinn to romance only women without getting involved with anyone of the masculine persuasion? Can she be played as a lesbian, is what I'm asking.

A curator said one romanceable character is a hermaphroditic alien, is it Avae or Lakadema?

Awesome :3 Now I wish Amy could marry Max and Ling at the same time but I'll settle for 2 separate timelines :p

Also, that long unbuttoned sweater Ling's wearing at the party is fantastic. So cute.

Hey I just wanted to say I appreciate you for making this. It's very "porn-y" and I really didn't like the dildo-sucking(why have them do that when they could  be doing cunnilingus?), HOWEVER there's some very sweet stuff in here, a lot of scenes for each girl, and I LOVE that it can end in marriage. Beautiful. Lesbian games are rare, so thank you again. By the way can Max marry Amy?

Nice work Nami!

Looking forward to it

I'll never stop being sad about no Sally X Anne :(

Wow really? That would be really cool

I don't suppose there are plans to maybe finish Frostbites at some future point?

I hope you don't mind, but I found something else. After Abaddon's beast transformation there's the short sex scene that immediately follows, it contains the "your cockhead" phrase and some others, but again my MC is fully female.

So I have the Futanari tag turned off, first of all, and a regular female character. In the second-to-last paragraph of the "Oral"  scene with Baahla, there's a mention of both her pussy and "her erection", and in the second to last paragraph the "Vaginal" scene she "grabs her erection" and "sprays her load". I didn't give her any potions either.

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Is Bhalla a herm? Her sex scene is confusing and I dont know if it's because of the tags I've chosen or what

It's on steam but when will it be available here?

So I encountered a message in camilla's sequence that it's exclusive to patreon. Which tier do I need? The 5$?

Well that's a shame. Your game's art is excellent. Have a nice day.

Just making sure, the Knight is male yes?

Thank you for the warning, not for me then

Lives so Sweet community · Created a new topic Cool beans

I don't personally care for dakis at all, but I wanted to support this. Here's hoping the masseur girl gets some reciprocation.

I have a question. Say I buy the game for 5 bucks, and then like it enough to want the artbook, do I then have to pay another ten bucks to get it? Or can I just an additional five?

Alright. I kind of wish I could leave a steam review after getting the game on itchio...oh well.

Is it better for you if I buy this on steam or itchio? The 2 versions are identical, yeah?

Well, wasn't that sweet. What a nice game. And the "kitty" line was so adorable.

Oh, I understand perfectly you did the art in Mermaid Splash ;) It's just that your art blog seemed way more varied, which I why I brought up my more focused interests. Thanks for the clarification though, I might check that out. Also, way ahead of you on that Nami comic, it was lovely.

Well, I wasn't thinking of anything more explicit, actually, than hugs and kisses, but now that you mention it....can't go wrong with some lewd yuri. The naughtier pictures are in that patreon post about MS art pdf? Is that the one? DCS seems to have nice art, but I'm only interested in yuri, no offense.