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I have a question. Say I buy the game for 5 bucks, and then like it enough to want the artbook, do I then have to pay another ten bucks to get it? Or can I just an additional five?

Alright. I kind of wish I could leave a steam review after getting the game on itchio...oh well.

Is it better for you if I buy this on steam or itchio? The 2 versions are identical, yeah?

Well, wasn't that sweet. What a nice game. And the "kitty" line was so adorable.

Oh, I understand perfectly you did the art in Mermaid Splash ;) It's just that your art blog seemed way more varied, which I why I brought up my more focused interests. Thanks for the clarification though, I might check that out. Also, way ahead of you on that Nami comic, it was lovely.

Well, I wasn't thinking of anything more explicit, actually, than hugs and kisses, but now that you mention it....can't go wrong with some lewd yuri. The naughtier pictures are in that patreon post about MS art pdf? Is that the one? DCS seems to have nice art, but I'm only interested in yuri, no offense.

Hello, does the art collection have additional art or something? Yuri pictures, perhaps?