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I was wondering why your games disappeared from mangagamer. I liked this VN, I'll buy it again

Okay I may buy it then, I didn't want to play if it was just sad stuff with no catharsis, but if a happy end's possible I'm willing to look for it. Thank you for the response.

Nami can I save all these characters for a happy end or are they all bad? Also any girls who like girls in this?

Is AmberPriceField possible in this?

What are Test's and Asdry's gender identities? Beause I noticed the description uses the "he" pronoun

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Absolutely, If there wasn't a sale tomorrow, I would've bought the game yesterday. Looking forward to Althea too. And can I just say, your artstyle is very unique. I find it a bit strange almost everyone wears a translucent top with visible nipples, but otherwise the art looks like lewd Disney and it's pretty appealing.

I have a question though, what are Test's and Asdry's gender identities? Beause I noticed the description uses the "he" pronoun

For some reason I thought it was abandonded...I'm pretty happy about this, I played the demo on F95 a while ago and liked it a lot

Also can I ask what's Cheri's deal? Do they switch sex at will?

I like the game, I just wish you could see the MC at least as a sprite. Or a text description. I don't like the MC only existing as a pronoun.

It took a while but I'm happy the game's here. Looking forward to finally playing it.

I didn't expect this so soon - cool! Is this the 1.0?

How do you download text from the 2nd one?

I can provide you with an entire detailed list, but it's gonna be pretty long. Should I make a wall-of-text comment here or do you want me to report somewhere else?

Bruh, you really need to fix the game's confusion about which genitals the PC has, a lot of sex scenes still screw up at least once and it really takes you out of the game. Like in Helena's Gala scene it veers wildly from my PC having a pussy to getting a blowjob to having a pussy again.

Does the thiccness blessing apply only to the lower body? Or is there a way to get upper body thicker?

Is there a way to just view the animations? Or "rip" them? 

God I hope this is less dark than Embric...

Are you planning on making a story campaign?

I know right?

Got it. I would've never figured out the slashes corresponded to the cracks.

Great art as usual, I can't recall anyone who draws thick women as well you do.

It did, but the laser thing I did by accident.  I'm at a loss with the 4th hint, I recognize the 2 symbols(red n green) on the right, but no idea what to do with that

I did the top "cold" hint and the one to the right with the split lasers. I'm struggling to figure out what the orange slime inside the tetris piece means.

God, I'm too dumb for these puzzles dude.

"THICC body type" Oooh, sweet

Hello, are there female romantic interests in this?

I see, that's alright. Perfectly understandable you didn't want sibling romance, I wasn't aware she's related to MC.

Hearing you'll be making another game with girl options makes me pretty happy, I'll be looking forward to it!

Oh. That's a shame.

Are both the extra dlc love interests boys too? No Elizabeth?

Ok. One last thing: the ending where the girls stay together in the woods after using the mega spell has no CG, correct?

Lovely game, I enjoyed it a lot. I didn't expect a psychological component. 2 things though: the gallery doesn't seem to unlock images and...does this have bad/tragic endings? Because I got 2 happy endings and don't want to ruin the fuzzy feeling.

Oh, you're the person who made As We Know It! I bought that but haven't played it yet. Well I'll keep hoping you'll make something as gay as the vampire game in the future. One last question: where can I find the "unlocked illustrations", please? I dont see a gallery...

Hey uh...are there are any plans for an extended paid version of this game in the future or something?

Very nice, I enjoyed it a lot. Very gay and sweet. happy ending too. The ending felt a tiny bit rushed but hey I get it it's a jam game. But I'm very happy I found this. Thanks for making it!

I mean like when I click the zen mode checkbox it stays empty

When I click zen mode it doesnt do anything?

Last update on KS said the 1 person left can try and finish the game in a reduced state by "late spring 2020". So maybe there's still a chance?

Yuri weddings are so rare and you're just gonna make it sad? Why u do dis :<

I didn't think you were rude. I'm honestly, genuinely interested in your reasons for thinking this feels like an otome to you. Could you please tell me why think that? I'm really curious.

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I would like to know as well why you think that. No they weren't genderswapped near release, it was funded on kickstarter more than a year ago, it was yuri from the beginning.