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The expensive items were honestly a late decision to add something of a end game (along with these I also added the permanently unlocking the 2 doors) and I tried to make speedrunning an option after you "beat" the game, thus the run time at the run over screen. I made the decision to not continue development after the jam was over, but if I ever do come back to it, I agree it needs rebalancing. Thanks!

On the run over screen (The "You win!" or "You lose!" screen), you can play again or return to the menu and then the shop. You can consider  each "run" as a level basically. It's just what I call it. Each run consists of 5 plagues and you need to get 5 slabs to win the run. Also, interesting input about the escape button thanks! 

It goes unresponsive when trying to join players

Love the Moonlight Sonata

Is the .gif intentional? 

It says it's missing a .dll? 

God got mad at me for sending a guy with 2 virtues and 2 sins to heaven, but fun and well made game

Level 6 is hard lol

This game is a masterpiece.

What a meme.

Relaxing music but intense

I don't know what I just played but it was interesting and trippy haha and I'm guessing I reached the end (The woods?)