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Looks like this project is dead but it looks pretty nice, hope the dev will return back.

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You too! I highly suggest that you use a font with lowercase letters, the interface will look much better. Also don't spoil the story on the download page :D

Looks really clean! And it looks like made with processing? I'm also making a music player with processing, this looks much cleaner than mine :D

The interface (and the font) and the map could use a little work. Looks good for a first game tho.

Hey! I'm new to and programming and I decided to publish my first tool. It is not nearly as good as other pixelart tools that are published here such as Pixelorama or Aseprite but, if you want something simple you can download it. Or just try it out! And yes it has a pretty cursed name.

It also includes the source code with the download so if you're familiar with Processing or Java, you can do some stuff with it.  link