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Thank you.  Lots of improvements and new environments are coming. RM2K3 is not as limited as many people think ...  Doing what you suggest is not a problem. But the fixed height jump is a choice of game design (This is one of the reasons why the double jump can be used from the start).  Many features are already integrated into the game (Sword down for example) but were not accessible with this demo.

Inthe future some passages will also be in side-scrolling with the same level of precision. I will modify the controls for the next demo. The dash will be activated with a keyboard key... I am currently working on the forest area. First glimpse  :

Ty very much for the "let's play" . It was very interesting.

Great game ! Ty very much.

Ty very much. You play really well it's impressive and at the same time it comforts me in terms of gameplay. I'm sorry the boss is missing for now... But I will work harder to make this game the best experience it can be. Ty again for ur time.

Thank you very much, but this is really an early demo with many flaws to correct...

Belle identité visuelle. Certaines collisions sont un peu approximatives, mais je suppose que la hitbox ne doit pas être simple à gérer.

Un peu (trop) court, dommage. A creuser pour un jeu sur le long terme, car l'ensemble a de la gueule et du potentiel.

C'est mignon, parfait pour le jeune public.