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Same, I stopped there due to that.

Also, it doesn't save?

Well, apparently you can just click any level at any time. Great! And now it's clear why level 4 only has 219/220 required diamonds. That's the end of the demo. There are no more levels.

There's no exit-level button (well, 'Restart' IS that), and if you try any levels past 4, you're stuck and have to refresh the page.

There doesn't seem to be much game here yet.

"Thank you for submitting..."

Doesn't seem to go beyond this point, the very first screen. No interaction seems possible. I've tried clicking, typing, plugging in a controller and pressing buttons. What exactly is the user supposed to do to advance this screen?

(Also the fullscreen button doesn't seem to work, and in fact throws a console error)

I know what happens when you travel to another dimension. I obviously did not choose to travel to another dimension at the end of my life. I waited, ruler of the galaxy, until I finally died.

Yes it's a bug.

What the heck?

"As you lay, slowly dying out, your look around and notice you're all alone, you think about what you have done your whole life, NOTHING. Now you lay there on your deathbed all alone and poor, and breathe out one last time."

Um, I have a wife, children, am currently the ruler of the galaxy, and have ... wth? My money went to zero? My empire disappeared? Is this a bug?

Truly an incredibly disappointing ending. What was the point in conquering everything, if it all vanishes at the end?


Coffe -> Coffee

Are the crops random? Must be, I went from Sugar to Sugar

Upgrades after the first world all still say cotton, eg "+5K Cotton per harvest"

Can't see the quota right after jumping

Who is mugging me? I've conquered the galaxy... And, why am I still working the fields in the first place?

Speaking of, who is demanding my quota? I've conquered the GALAXY

Why do I even still have a quota? I make more than that per second

And I'm 70 now, just let me retire.

What part is multiplayer?

So, there's no path forward if you have billions of dollars?

Because you _specifically_ said not to go negative. So I avoided that.

Nevermind, something is broken. I have 29/30 inventory, but grabbing a rock ONLY CAUSES A LONG DELAY and no new rock appears. I'm stuck at 29/30 after a fuse.

What is even the goal of the mine? I've already purchased all available upgrades... now what?

Also the rock inventory doesn't use all available space, so it has to scroll. And picking up a rock can scroll it, so good luck finding where that new rock went.

There's also terrible delays. I don't mean the delays in gameplay (which were intentional, but blech), I mean delays between when an object upgrades and when its new image appears. Or the delay between when the buttons APPEAR to be active again, and when they're actually active again. Very frustrating to click when it seems available, only for nothing to happen.

The mine is about as much fun as working in a mine. Grabbing a rock will fill in a hole (eg from fusing), rather than placing it at the end. And there's no way to sort by value, or by upgrade chance. And was I _supposed_ to go negative? Book of knowledge looks like it needs a checkmark there, but it's pretty much impossible to do that now.

15:28. Now how do I transfer this money into my real-life bank account?

Ah! That definitely helps! There were things that were hard to read otherwise. Very cute little game of manageable length!

Just one warp? Did it say that in the help at the beginning? There does not appear to be a way to view that again once the game starts.

There's no in-game affordance to indicate hitting Tab will open the upgrade menu.

There's no indication in the upgrade menu what each upgrade will do or which value (idle or click) will increase.

The cost and value of the x2/x4 upgrades increases at the same time. So it becomes a fixed number of clicks to get to the next one.

It doesn't idle when it's not the active element. So we can't leave this game running and earning while we do something else on the computer.

Everything is behind the planet. So if we're clicking and an asteroid flies up and gets hit, we have no idea how much it was worth. Though probably not much. It does not appear to scale with the other sources of income.

Not game specific, but why is the area given by so large, when the game only takes up a small fraction of it in the middle?

Pretty quickly have enough drones that the enemies vanish as soon as they appear

VERY difficult controls

Pretty good!

Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: SharedArrayBuffer is not defined

Doesn't appear to be working in Firefox. I think Itchio has a SharedArrayBuffer (experimental) setting

Pretty simple. Same game 4 times?

What does the Dimensions upgrade do?

Making it full screen didn't make it any bigger...

You can continue to click while the upgrade menu is open, earning more points. But if you've already spent enough points to disable an upgrade option, it won't be enabled again when you DO have enough points.

Pretty easy to click _and_ right click constantly, automatically right-clicking on most planets as they appear.

Text pretty quickly starts to cover itself as the numbers get larger. Probably need to put a shorter limit on decimal precision

Click value increases in cost very quickly, but is soon surpassed by both idle and planet value. I'm not sure if it ever becomes worth it to upgrade again

It still says 20 million when the price appears to actually be 20 billion

According to some of the things I've found, some Godot 4 games are just straight up not compatible with Firefox on :-( I did try the downloaded version. It was a little frustrating that I had no idea what was bringing in what amount or how quickly, so I mostly just maxed out the bottom idle and the clicker and ignored the rest, and summoned as quickly as possible, constantly sending people out on missions. But not really paying much attention to mission logs, so no idea if there were synergies between characters or anything. Not that it mattered; with each mission full of people, results were almost always great. It didn't take too long to finish.

There doesn't seem to be an advantage to getting another farmer. They get in a race condition where they try to go for the same apple (even when there are multiple), but only one gets it. The limit is still mostly how many apples you produce.

Speaking of production, the trees "Growing" moves them up, and away from sprinklers that might have been right next to them, eventually out of reach entirely and not automatically watered. These are wandering trees.

Speaking of sprinklers, the farmer trips over the water? Seems like it's just clicking around the area. Constant tripping.

Speaking of area, it was not at all clear how LARGE of an area the fire would eliminate (half the screen). It's not a precision tree removal at all.

Speaking of precision, where the heck are the sprinklers going to be placed? I tried several times to place one and it didn't appear, only for me to realize that every time it ha been placing them down ONE TREE AWAY (where the farmers were, hiding them). Also, no way to get rid of sprinklers? Not that I want to lose half my screen of sprinklers either though.

"Protein bar" (even though that is clearly chocolate) appeared to affect every farmer I had. But not any new farmers that came later.

You can do it!

The prices are truncated, so you can't see the actual costs, which are increasing every purchase. But, eg, the last one can cost almost 2K and still _say_ 1K as the price (but trying to buy it won't work)

Which version of Firefox are you using? I'm on 109.0, on Windows 10. Same error in Private Browsing mode (with no extensions).

Wow, I haven't come nearly that close. What was your strategy?

Sides are cut off unless full screen (does not use entire canvas); going full screen turns the outside into just black.

The keyboard upgrades eventually go negative and drop to zero cost. You can then "upgrade" for free forever, causing the keyboard value to go up and down to positive and negative infinity (or whatever the rollover value is).

The same is true for the other two, and the game breaks.

Though, since the keyboard upgrade cost and the keyboard value each double every time, it _always_ only takes 25 clicks to get to the next upgrade, so why would you bother with the other upgrades? And it doesn't take a lot of doubling to hit the integer rollover.

Well, it _definitely_ speeds up! The costs don't rise very quickly, and once you get to square, very quickly you can buy another after a few seconds. Then one every other second. Then one every second, etc. I'm now getting 4 or 5 every second. Will it reach a point where I can't even click fast enough to spend all the money in a second before even more is generated? (Yes, it happened around the mid-700 squares)

It wasn't initially clear to me that the different shapes are worth a different amount when clicked. What is the click value based on? It's not the same as what that shape earns per second.

Feels like an auto-clicker is required. Or _lots_ of patience.

Wow it was not clear to me at all how to use Warps initially. Haven't been able to win yet. Might exceed my capacity for frustration.

Can't seem to access Options once the game starts. So can't change the volume. Text is cut off the splash page. Going "Full screen" didn't change anything.

Is there a way to re-read the intro manual? It continues way too quickly. Just put a "Continue" button and let me read at my own pace!

The text can get cut off when it goes into scientific notation (eg, I see "E+0" at the end). The variable-width font makes it difficult to see how much of a resource is available, and there are no commas or other delimiters to help.

I've done nothing but drink coffee for three days, 10/10

Super weird. LOTS of the Godot games are complaining of the same error.

The guillotine blade moves when clicked, that was the problem. Not that it needed multiple clicks. I have to keep changing where I'm clicking, so there was no way to do it quickly, and it was FAR more effective to skip the clicks and just buy more passives.

RIGHT click? No, I didn't right click, that was not intuitive.

I can't see any of the text btw. Is this intentional?