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So, three Backroom games on this month... is there any kind of Game Jam or something simmilar? BTW, like it!

Game looks interesting. Graphics have too much glow, but I like it. Wanna see the full development. Any website?

Lantern light is a lil' bit disgusting. I like how the game sounds, SFX are pretty cool. Maybe mechanics are a bit confusing, but I guess next patchs will make game grow up a lot. Nice work.

Yeahhhh runner zombies around the street xD

Characters and locations smaller would fit it well, but I think it is required to separate every location among them. Everything seems to be very closer.

Hey guys! Can't wait to see FallNation. G-108 worldmap looks promising, maybe a lil' bit small? I enjoyed the exploration and I made this video. Hope you like it!

This is awesome. can't wait to play FallNation and ARF! Nice!

A lil' bit Matrix, but I like it lol

Is there a shotgun in the BzLog?? lol

At least 400 zombies! So f.... cool, guys. Level 6, 25 soldiers, 9 barricades hahaha lol. I'll try with deploy mines ;)

I think mine is better ;)

Funny gameplay. How big is the horde of zombies in the same battle?