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Just a note for those reading the comments: the fix was perfect, and I'm super impressed with the speed and kindness with which I got help. Great designer to work with! A+++

Perfect - shall do. Thank you so much!

Any advice? Sorry to ask again but it would be very valuable to be able to work with the kit this weekend. Thanks!

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I'm using Tiled. ( ) Thank you so much for being willing to help! It's a rare combination finding an artist whose work is so great and who's also so responsive and helps so much!

(FYI the other packs of yours that I'm planning/hoping to use are Candyland, Cathedral, & Foliage Pack for sure, and if we can fix this fairly simply then probably also Castle & Tuscan Seaside, maybe others. Thanks again!)

Looking forward to using your Candyland and mega tree packs too!

I bought the set but the 32x32 "ACE" set seems to actually be optimized for 16x16, at 32x32 a lot of the floor and roof tiles seem to cut too big. For example there's no 32x32 square of just a plain tatami mat, the squares all have some of the black or red or brown trim around the edges, and the water/grass border squares and other surface  textures don't have any tiles that are just solid water or solid grass or just a straight horizontal edge between textures, they only offer the 4 curving corners (see image below), while the bits with the tiny corner pieces for filling in the curving banks have all 4 corners on one 32x32 square instead of making it possible to have only one of the corners. Similarly with the roof tiles there are edges and corners but no pure middle tiles. Any suggestion? Is it somehow loading wrong? It's gorgeous otherwise, I love the objects and plants, and textures! In the image you can see the 32x32 grid, is it lining up wrong? Thanks a ton for the help, and for the gorgeous work! I can't wait to work with it once we figure out this small thing. I am sure this is the 32x32 set, the other one was even more too big.

Perfect. Thank you!

Yes I'd love an ancient Greece/Rome type set too!

Does this particular one, the candy one, include 32x32? Is there a list of which do and don't include 32x32? I will probably buy several of them but I'd like to know which do/don't have 32x32. Thanks!

What is the tile size? 16x16 or 32x32?

What is the tile size? 16x16 or 32x32?

What pixel size are the tiles optimized for?