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Very well made, quite hard sometimes, but not rage-hard. I'd give it all 5 stars or 10 stars, I honestly can't remember how the rating system even looks like... But if it ever goes live, that be my rating!

Also, it made me sort of nostalgic for VVVVVV, loved this detail! I wonder if you actually were inspired by it? (seeing the "gravity switching <<lasers>>", I think that might be very true.)

Not gonna lie, this is quite a challenge. Hardcore... but really fun challenge! I loved the simplistic design, controls are also very good!

If I could rate it, I'd give it all 5 stars. Favourite game from the jam so far!

Sorry... I'm not able to build on mac by myself, hopefully if I'd get some help with that, I would add one instantly! If I will be able to, during the rating period, I'll make sure to keep you notified about it!

Thanks a lot! :3

Thanks! I guess you're talking about all the texts that's not in platformer, because in platformer you skip it with RMB and it goes quickly. Thanks for your feedback! In the credits I mentioned that I used Game Maker Studio 1.4 to create this.