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i know this was a month ago, but this author has not updated the game since first release.

could i be able to change the controls a little bit? i would like to double click the individual mouse buttons to bring the arms out and hold the mouse buttons to puck shit up, i dont like having to hold Q and E, makes it difficult to move around

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tried your game out and i have some complaints: there doesn't seem to be settings and during the spider chase, i get stuck on nothing so the spider gets me, it happens past the pot with sticks and pass the long river of water that has i think Oreo's floating in it? but otherwise, it is a great game, can't wait to see it as a full game

can you fix your game breaking glitch? i keep falling through the map and that is the only thing making me rage

i think the download button is broken. i am trying to download your game and it wont download.

ok, so i was streaming raft before the new one came out on steam and so i was fishing and caught a chicken called scrap mechanic. idk what that si about, like a achievement or easter egg.

you ever gonna update this?

when is this gonna be updated?

ʇı pǝʎoɾuǝ ʎןןɐǝɹ ˙ǝɯɐƃ ǝɔıu 'oɹq

you should add a feature of letting us throw our weapons and picking up weapons and armor. 

ok, i have a problem. when i join a server, after a minute and a half, i get a message saying server has ended and the app shuts down

how come the world and items don't reset?

can you give us a flashlight or at least brighten the night up a bit. when it is night you cant see shit

hi, i downloaded your game but i cant find the files for it.