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it says in the description that you can only play it once unfortunately, unless you're willing to pay 3$ or more for the ++ version of the game.

I got Cancer...... I'm a Leo XD

A game with ACTUALLY good LGBTQ+ representation?This can't be real LOL. but genuinely though I need to know what Noel is into even if they're asexual

I had to refresh the page cuz it froze after I won a fight. It may be a bug possibly so I left this comment, really good game though!The character designs are really pleasant to look at and the controls work smoothly, really nice!:))

"you haven't pass" you mean passed?

Really fun game!Cute artsyle, amazing music, and the dialogue makes the player feel somewhat really comfortable with the game. I really liked it. I got a little bit stuck at the pong game, but thats okay.
The designs of the characters are really cute. I really like them. The colors fit eachother really well, and the neons are a really nice touch, especially for a game made in a short time.
The idea for the game is also really interesting. Being in the game itself is a concept ive yet never seen before. 
I really hope to see more projects from you in the future. 

I really liked this game. Like seriously, a whole lot. I would really love if there would be more choices, or more things to happen, or whatever, but I guess thats just because I desperately want to play this game more as I really love it, but theres nothing more for me to explore. Which is okay. I really hope you will make more games in the future! :)

I absolutely adore this game. The only problem is that its too short, even though I already knew it was gonna be that way, but I guess I got instantly attached to her lol. I really hope in the future youre gonna make more games, I cant wait for them!

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Its a confusing game, really. Dont get me wrong, its actually a really interesting concept, and I ADORE the art. But i found myself getting stuck from the first 10 minutes playing. after the fight with Sylvia, i went to interact with one of the npcs, then went back to talk to Sylvia, and she started following me. Then i started reading all the signs cuz i needed to get an ID. Finally found the library, but it said work in progress . Then i thought i needed to talk to the principal, so i did that, but its still work in progress even after that. It would be really nice if there would be an arrow pointing to where you need to go, at least the first time you get into the ”new world”. Least to say, it wasnt too nice of an introduction to the game. Then, I found one of those weird red flaming holes or something and interacted with it, and got panicked cuz i thought it was a boss battle of something and all i had were 5 apples. Then i went to the rabbit hole, as it was the only thing that seemed to work, and was instantly attacked. Beat one bunny, then got attacked again by 2 other bunnies, and got killed. Had to start the game again. I didnt do any progress anyways,so it wasnt that bad.. Im not trying to bring down the developer, not in any way, but right now from what i can understand its still WIP and it has some gliches/bugs, whatever. Its okay. Might come back after this game after its finished :) (i hope the dev doesnt drop it)

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Im also almost blind without my glasses, even though if something is near, i can somewhat see it. I had to go to school without my glasses for a few days, and it was horrible. Anyways. Orion where are you, im waiting. Edit:I found out that Caleb was a thing, but i still dont know who I would choose lol. I would miss Caleb too much, while with Orion, I would probably brush it all off as a dream or something, because it was blurry and i would take it as a sign that i cant remember it too well, but I would never think that Caleb would be a dream. Its complicated, really. 

I loved this game.As someone asexual, I love Rocky!

I hope it gets fixed soon.I really mf love Clem and Rocky😂

The whole time during the last chapter I was like ”USE MY SOUL TO REVIVE HIM,PLEASE!”.I got so attached to Jax for no reason.I didnt treat it like a made me feel real emotions and I loved it so much.Not gonna lie, i started crying from chapter 3, with the souls.

playing on the browser here!I really dont want to be a problem or anything, but i cant choose someone to date?I tried refreshing the page and playing the game again, but i still cant choose someone to date.Im really confused, i hope i didnt do anything wrong, I absolutely love the characters, art, and just everything!

Oh my god this game is amazing!It sincerly calms me down so much.Ive been playing it at least once a month owo

Amazing job, to be honest!

OH MY GOD THEYRE ALL SO CUTE LIKE-Okay okay im going to calm down.I really like the characters as you can tell.Felix is sincerly such a sweetheart.I absolutely adore the art style too!I cant wait for the game to be done so I can play it!Keep up the good work!! uwu

I see everyone requesting things to appear in the game, but I wont.This game is absolutely amazing.I remember playing it a few months back and now I was curious and played it again.There was so much improvement.This game is so great.I absolutely love it!I love you much you work on this game and how much you care about players suggestions!

Amazing game but the ending didnt seem right.I didnt know if my game crashed or not, after the mom sent the message, I thought there was more to it as what happens wasnt really clear, but I really like it!It gives you a lot of freedom to move objects around and I really like the style of it!