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thank *you* uwu

Ahaha! ^_^

Thanku!! If I used social media I would share the drawings along with your game but alas, I am a cyber-hermit. 

Keep doin what ur doin! xxx 

p.s. here's a lil Wart for the road 

I loved this!! Great little town with wonderful characters and some real fun poetry. Heads up though, you've misspelled 'Pwumpkin' as 'Pwupmkin' so when I went back to search for the game after I'd seen it I had a little trouble finding it. Anyway, I was so charmed that I doodled some of the characters - Wart isn't included even though they're my favourite :'] 


Found this last year, still one of my all-time favourite games. I'm so incredibly fond of it and recommend it to people the first chance I get. Would love to see it in other languages one day - specifically Spanish (and Catalan) so that I could share it with even more people!

No worries! I don't usually comment on things, but I was very pleased with this sweet little project :)

I didn't play this game immediately after buying A Good Bundle because of what @AlterNate mentioned - it doesn't work via the itch app. I'm so glad I looked into it further, even though it's only short, I found it to be very inspiring!

I loved the bit that makes you look at the top of the screen as if looking up at the sky. I think it effortlessly captures the beauty of a rainy day. I would also say, it could be easier to read with maybe a slightly darker background. All in all, well done on creating something so captivating :)