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Pully bear

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For some reason guest just leave my hotel before even staying at a room, I have evry worker, and food and drinks and ppaces were they can eat, ive done everything right and they just leave when they get to the reception

Everytime I click new game nothing happends

game maker hahahaha

like make objects more clear

I do but it could be a bit better.

I really enjoyed the game its really fun.

But I whish the graphics were better and well thats it for now.

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Here you can post your thoughts on the game, personally the story of the game was not "good" im not saying it's horrible but, they could have made a better story a more interesting one.Not hating on the game just my PERSONALL OPINION.

how many people are developing the game

bout to ask the same thing

In what game engine was this game done?

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Sorry for so many questions but how many people are currently working on the game?

in what game engine did you do it on?